The Political Settlements Research Programme is run by a consortium of five organisations

Global Justice Academy

The Global Justice Academy (GJA) is an interdisciplinary network focused on bringing together staff, students and practitioners who address global justice issues in their work. GJA is an intellectual meeting place for discussion of novel ideas regarding a more just world, and a forum for dialogue with practitioners engaged in justice issues locally and globally. GJA’s work is currently organised around four large themes: (1) Theorising Global Justice; (2) Social Justice and Citizenship, (3) Gender Justice, (4) Conflict and Peace, (5) Global Justice across Borders. It seeks to build on, consolidate and expand the work of existing centres and collaborations at the University of Edinburgh.

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Conciliation Resources

Conciliation Resources (CR) is a peacebuilding NGO supporting people at the heart of conflicts who are striving to find solutions. Their work aims to deepen collective understandings of the conflict, bring together divided communities and create opportunities for them to resolve their differences peacefully. The Conciliation Resources work programme focuses on eight conflict-affected regions around the world and works to improve global conflict policies, with a focus on the UK, EU and UN, and the regions in which they work. Conciliation Resources also runs the Accord publication series which informs and strengthens peace processes by documenting and analysing practical lessons and innovations of peacebuilding.

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Institute for Security Studies

The Institute of Security Studies (ISS) is based in South Africa and with regional offices in Kenya, Ethiopia and Senegal.  It is an African organisation which aims to enhance human security on the continent. It undertakes independent and authoritative research, provides expert policy analysis and advice, and delivers practical training and technical assistance. The vision of the ISS is a peaceful and prosperous Africa for all its people by way of advancing human security in Africa through evidence-based policy advice, technical support and capacity building in the following divisions and projects: Governance, Crime and Justice; Conflict Prevention and Risk Analysis; Conflict Management and Peace Building; Transnational Threats and International Crime; African Futures and Innovation; The African Centre for Peace and Security Training.

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Rift Valley Institute

Rift Valley Institute (RVI) is an independent, non-profit organization, founded in Sudan in 2001, currently working in seven countries in Eastern and Central Africa. The aim of the Institute is to advance useful knowledge of the region and its diverse communities, bringing a better understanding of local realities to bear on social and political action. The RVI works with institutions in the region to develop and implement long-term programmes that combine action-oriented research with education and public information. The Institute’s geographical area of operation covers four subregions of Eastern and Central Africa: the Sudans, the Horn of Africa, East Africa and the Great Lakes. There are active RVI programmes in South Sudan, Somalia, Somaliland, Kenya, Uganda and the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

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Transitional Justice Institute

The Transitional Justice Institute (TJI) University of Ulster was established in 2003, and has become internationally recognised as a leading centre in developing the field of transitional justice. TJI scholars advance cutting-edge research and practice in multiple conflicted and transitional societies including Chile, South Africa, Zimbabwe, Israel-Palestine and Colombia. It has a particular strength in gender related peace and conflict work, with the aim of making visible, and critically examining, gendered experiences of transition. TJI espouses an ‘active research’ model, wherein engagement with institutions, policy-makers and communities (internationally and locally) generates research, and research generates engagement.

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