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Key publications:

Higazi, A., & Yousuf, Z. (2017). From cooperation to contention. Political unsettlement and farmer-pastoralist conflicts in Nigeria (PSRP Briefing Paper No. 15). London: Conciliation Resources.

Thapa, D., & Ramsbotham, A. (2017). Two steps forward, one step back The Nepal peace process (PSRP Report). London: Conciliation Resources.

Bargaining on Constitutions: Political Settlements and Constitutional State-building2017, journal articleFull Detailsbellcase-studies concepts
Letting off Steam: Interim Constitutions as a Safety Valve to the Pressure-Cooker of Transitions in Conflict-Affected States?2017, journal articleFull Detailsrodriguescase-studies peace-processes
The Alchemists: Courts as Democracy-Builders in Contemporary Thought2017, journal articleFull Detailsdalycase-studies peace-processes
Courting Peace: Judicial Review and Peace Jurisprudence2017, journal articleFull Detailssapianocase-studies peace-processes
Interim Constitutions in Post-Conflict Settings2014, reportFull Detailsbellcase-studies peace-processes
, Interim Constitutions: Peacekeeping and Democracy-Building Tools, Final Report2015, policy paperFull Detailsbell zulueta-fulschercase-studies peace-processes
International Gender Equality Norms and the Local Peacemaking Political Settlement2017, working paperFull Detailsorourkecase-studies gendernorthern-ireland
, Sequencing Peace Agreements and Constitutions in the Political Settlement Process2016, reportFull Detailsbell zulueta-fulschercase-studies peace-processes


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