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Gendered Political Settlements and Peacebuilding: Mapping Inclusion in Practice

Gendered Political Settlements and Peacebuilding: Mapping Inclusion in Practice Citation: Download journal article Abstract: This paper looks at practice-research methods used by Conciliation Resources (CR), an international peacebuilding organisation, as part of the Political Settlements Research Project. Between 2015 and 2017, Conciliation Resources and its partners convened three learning workshops in Nepal, Colombia, and Bougainville. […]

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Navigating Inclusion in Peace Processes

Navigating Inclusion in Peace Processes Citation: Download report. Download policy brief. Abstract: While the ‘inclusion consensus’ has been growing, new challenges to implementing it have been evolving with equal vigour. Negative trends in violent conflict have been reversing development gains, exacerbating suffering and fuelling displacement crises. Drivers of conflict have escalated and evolved, including fragmentation of military […]

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Navigating inclusion in peace processes

Navigating inclusion in peace processes Citation: Download report. Abstract: There is a broad global consensus that inclusion matters in peace processes. The 2018 UN and World Bank report, Pathways for Peace, asserts that ‘addressing inequalities and exclusion’ and ‘making institutions more inclusive’ are key to preventing violent conflict. The challenges now are to strengthen that consensus […]

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Accord: Peacebuilding in Tunisian border regions

Accord Insight 4 Borderlands and Peacebuilding: a View from the Margins

Borderlands and Peacebuilding: a View from the Margins Citation: Download the report. Download the Spotlight introduction, ‘Bringing in the Margins’. Abstract: This fourth Accord Insight publication looks at peacebuilding in borderland regions and how peace and transition processes address the interests of borderland communities. It presents seven case studies including Syria, north-eastern Kenya, Tunisia, Northern […]

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Monitoring and Measuring Peace Agreement Implementation

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Sean Molloy is an Associate of the PSRP and Research Associate at Newcastle University. This post introduces a research report which follows the workshop on Assessing and Influencing Progress in Peace Processes held in Barcelona on 30 May – 1 June 2018. The workshop was organised by Conciliation Resources and the Kroc Institute for International […]

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10 steps for peace in Afghanistan

The 10 steps for peace in Afghanistan blog written by Alexander Ramsbotham was first published by our partner Conciliation Resources to go along with the publication of a policy brief on the ground-breaking Accord report Incremental Peace in Afghanistan published earlier this year.   There is the opportunity now for progress towards peace in Afghanistan. But […]

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Inclusive Politics in Afghanistan

The ceasefire is essential – but what should happen next for peace in Afghanistan?

This article by Alexander Ramsbotham (Conciliation Resources) was first published by OpenDemocracy on 27 June 2018. So far a persistent theme of the Afghan conflict is the glaring gap between words and actions, with both sides talking peace while intent on waging war. Afghanistan is at a crossroads facing two possible futures: indefinite violent conflict, […]

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President Najibullah and the National Reconciliation Policy