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10 steps for peace in Afghanistan

The 10 steps for peace in Afghanistan blog written by Alexander Ramsbotham was first published by our partner Conciliation Resources to go along with the publication of a policy brief on the ground-breaking Accord report Incremental Peace in Afghanistan published earlier this year.   There is the opportunity now for progress towards peace in Afghanistan. But […]

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Inclusive Politics in Afghanistan


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The ceasefire is essential – but what should happen next for peace in Afghanistan?

This article by Alexander Ramsbotham (Conciliation Resources) was first published by OpenDemocracy on 27 June 2018. So far a persistent theme of the Afghan conflict is the glaring gap between words and actions, with both sides talking peace while intent on waging war. Afghanistan is at a crossroads facing two possible futures: indefinite violent conflict, […]

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President Najibullah and the National Reconciliation Policy

Inclusive and Sustainable Justice in Afghanistan

Women’s participation in peace talks in Afghanistan

Incremental peace in Afghanistan (short video)

Incremental peace in Afghanistan

Incremental Peace in Afghanistan

Incremental Peace in Afghanistan Citation: Download the report. Download the policy brief. Watch editors & authors of the report on Afghanistan share their thoughts on the way forward for peace in Afghanistan at the report launch event in this video. In shorter videos, contributors also discuss the prospects for peace in Afghanistan. The first short […]

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6 ways to support gender inclusion in peace transitions

This post by Dr Sophia Close (Conciliation Resources) was first published by Conciliation Resources and is re-posted here with permission. Participation of women and other excluded groups in peace talks and political bargaining is important for sustainable peace. Clear opportunities to support gender inclusion exist in all phases of a peace process – before, during […]

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