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Trust Funds and Peace Agreements: from a ‘handshake moment’ to meaningful transformation

Two new PSRP reports explore the relationship between peace agreements and trust funds, and examine the lessons from the experience of trust funds in Northern Ireland.

New PA-X report examines how interstate agreements have been used to resolve internal conflict

The report draws on data from the PA-X database to examine how interstate agreements have been used to resolve internal conflict.

PSRP Fellow makes connections with Nigerian scholars and institutions

Political Settlements Research Programme Fellow Dr Kathryn Nash travelled to Abuja, Nigeria from 1-13 July 2019 to make connections with Nigerian universities and research institutions.

New infographics illustrate key themes from global peace processes

The Political Settlements Research Programme has produced a series of infographics illustrating key facts and recurring themes from peace processes from research into nearly 30 years of peace processes around the world.

New video: seven tactics for women to influence stalled peace processes

PSRP produced the video with UN Women based on a forthcoming PA-X Spotlight Series report, ‘Re-invigorating Stalled Peace Negotiations: Challenges and Opportunities for Women’s Inclusion’.

PA-X Database

New features added to PA-X Peace Agreements Database

Version 2 of the PA-X Peace Agreements Database is now live. The updated database incorporates user feedback from Version 1 and introduces additional search options and a more user-friendly interface.

Professor Monica McWilliams highlights PSRP research on Desert Island Discs

Professor Monica McWilliams spoke about her extraordinary life and work as a politician, social scientist, and peace campaigner in Northern Ireland – including her research as part of the PSRP.