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Gender Violence in Conflict and Peace Processes: The Neglect of LGBT Security

Written by Prof Christine Bell, and reposted from relating to PSRP’s new report: ‘Reimagining Inclusive Security in Peace Processes: LGB&T Perspectives’, authored by Fidelma Ashe of University of Ulster, dealing with LGBT security in Northern Ireland. Recently I visited the ‘Homomonument’ memorial in Amsterdam which commemorates the many gay and lesbian people persecuted by the Nazis. Estimates […]

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Peace in Political Unsettlement: Beyond Solving Conflict

Peace in Political Unsettlement: Beyond Solving Conflict Citation: Get the book Summary: International peacebuilding has reached an impasse. Its lofty ambitions have resulted in at best middling success, punctuated by moments of outright failure. The discrediting of the term ‘liberal peacebuilding’ has seen it evolve to respond to the numerous critiques. Notions such as ‘inclusive peace’ […]

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Amnesties and Inclusive Political Settlements

Amnesties and Inclusive Political Settlements Citation: Download PA-X report Summary: This research report explores when and how amnesties are used during conflict and transitions towards peace. In particular, it examines how the context in which amnesties are adopted can shape decisions on whether to limit the material or personal scope of amnesties or to attach […]

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Accord: Peacebuilding in Tunisian border regions

Political Unsettlement and Continuing Conflict in Central African Republic

Central African Republic (CAR) is in a state of crisis. Multiple rounds of conflict in the past two decades, the most recent of which began in 2012 and is still ongoing, have left the country reeling. Nearly one in four people in CAR is displaced, and the population is facing conflict and malnutrition with insufficient […]

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Accord Insight 4 Borderlands and Peacebuilding: a View from the Margins

Borderlands and Peacebuilding: a View from the Margins Citation: Download the report. Download the Spotlight introduction, ‘Bringing in the Margins’. Abstract: This fourth Accord Insight publication looks at peacebuilding in borderland regions and how peace and transition processes address the interests of borderland communities. It presents seven case studies including Syria, north-eastern Kenya, Tunisia, Northern […]

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10 steps for peace in Afghanistan

The 10 steps for peace in Afghanistan blog written by Alexander Ramsbotham was first published by our partner Conciliation Resources to go along with the publication of a policy brief on the ground-breaking Accord report Incremental Peace in Afghanistan published earlier this year.   There is the opportunity now for progress towards peace in Afghanistan. But […]

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Capturing the Multiplicities of Peace: Photography, Representation; Everyday Strategies of Transition

Capturing the Multiplicities of Peace: Photography, Representation & Everyday Strategies of Transition Astrid Jamar (PSRP) and Laura Martin, ISA Annual Convention, San Francisco, 7 April 2018. Download presentation Return to Multimedia Forum.  

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The ceasefire is essential – but what should happen next for peace in Afghanistan?

This article by Alexander Ramsbotham (Conciliation Resources) was first published by OpenDemocracy on 27 June 2018. So far a persistent theme of the Afghan conflict is the glaring gap between words and actions, with both sides talking peace while intent on waging war. Afghanistan is at a crossroads facing two possible futures: indefinite violent conflict, […]

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President Najibullah and the National Reconciliation Policy