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Bell, C. (2015). What we talk about when we talk about political settlements: Towards Inclusive and Open Political Settlements in an Era of Disillusionment (PSRP Working Paper No. 1). Edinburgh: Global Justice Academy, University of Edinburgh.

Bell, C., & Pospisil, J. (2017). Negotiating Inclusion in Transitions from Conflict: The Formalised. Journal of International Development, 25(9).

‘Unsharing’ Sovereignty: g7+ and the Politics of International Statebuilding2017journal articleFull Details
, Conventions of Silence: Emotions and Knowledge Production in War-Affected Research Environments2016journal articleFull Details
Contending with the Past: Transitional Justice and Political Settlement Processes2017book chapterFull Details
Justice, Rights and Equality: In Search of the Common Good in an Era of Transition2017working paperFull Details
The Concept of the Common Good2017working paperFull Details
Pathways to Post-Liberal Peace: Perspectives on the 'Common Good' in Peace and Statebuilding2017working paperFull Details
, Navigating Inclusion in Transitions from Conflict: The Formalised Political Unsettlement2017journal articleFull Details
Political Settlement and the New Logic of Hybrid Self-determination2016bookFull Details
, The resilient state: new regulatory modes in international approaches to state building?2016journal articleFull Details
Governance and Law: The Distinctive Context of Transitions from Conflict and its Consequences for Development Interventions2015, briefing paperFull Details
What we talk about when we talk about political settlements2015working paperFull Details
Bargaining on Constitutions: Political Settlements and Constitutional State-building2017, journal articleFull Details
The Relationship of Political Settlement Analysis to Peacebuilding from a Feminist Perspective2016, journal articleFull Details
International Law, the Scottish Independence Debate and Political Settlement in the UK2016, book chapterFull Details
, , , , Constitution-Building in Political Settlement Processes: The Quest for Inclusion2016, reportFull Details
Symposium on the Colombian Peace Talks and International Law: Lex Pacificatoria Colombiana: Colombia’s Peace Accord in Comparative Perspective2016, journal articleFull Details

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