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Bell, C. (2015). What we talk about when we talk about political settlements: Towards Inclusive and Open Political Settlements in an Era of Disillusionment (PSRP Working Paper No. 1). Edinburgh: Global Justice Academy, University of Edinburgh.

Bell, C., & Pospisil, J. (2017). Negotiating Inclusion in Transitions from Conflict: The Formalised. Journal of International Development, 25(9).

‘Unsharing’ Sovereignty: g7+ and the Politics of International Statebuilding2017journal articleFull Detailspospisilconcepts
, Conventions of Silence: Emotions and Knowledge Production in War-Affected Research Environments2016journal articleFull Detailschappuis jamarconcepts
Contending with the Past: Transitional Justice and Political Settlement Processes2017book chapterFull Detailsbellconcepts
Justice, Rights and Equality: In Search of the Common Good in an Era of Transition2017working paperFull Detailsmolloyconcepts
The Concept of the Common Good2017working paperFull Detailsjaedeconcepts
Pathways to Post-Liberal Peace: Perspectives on the 'Common Good' in Peace and Statebuilding2017working paperFull Detailspospisilconcepts
, Navigating Inclusion in Transitions from Conflict: The Formalised Political Unsettlement2017journal articleFull Detailsbell pospisilconcepts
Political Settlement and the New Logic of Hybrid Self-determination2016bookFull Detailsbellconcepts
, The resilient state: new regulatory modes in international approaches to state building?2016journal articleFull Detailskuhn pospisilconcepts
Governance and Law: The Distinctive Context of Transitions from Conflict and its Consequences for Development Interventions2015, briefing paperFull Detailsbellconcepts peace-processes
What we talk about when we talk about political settlements2015working paperFull Detailsbellconcepts
Bargaining on Constitutions: Political Settlements and Constitutional State-building2017, journal articleFull Detailsbellcase-studies concepts
The Relationship of Political Settlement Analysis to Peacebuilding from a Feminist Perspective2016, journal articleFull Detailsni-aolainconcepts gender
International Law, the Scottish Independence Debate and Political Settlement in the UK2016, book chapterFull Detailsbellconceptsscotland united-kingdom
, , , , Constitution-Building in Political Settlement Processes: The Quest for Inclusion2016, reportFull Detailsbell bisarya sapiano welikala zulueta-fulscherconcepts peace-processes
Symposium on the Colombian Peace Talks and International Law: Lex Pacificatoria Colombiana: Colombia’s Peace Accord in Comparative Perspective2016, journal articleFull Detailsbellconcepts peace-processescolombia

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