Inclusive Politics in Afghanistan

President Najibullah and the National Reconciliation Policy

Inclusive and Sustainable Justice in Afghanistan

Women’s participation in peace talks in Afghanistan

Incremental peace in Afghanistan (short video)

Incremental peace in Afghanistan

Incremental Peace in Afghanistan

Incremental Peace in Afghanistan Citation: Download report. Download policy brief. Watch editors & authors of the report on Afghanistan share their thoughts on the way forward for peace in Afghanistan at the report launch event in this video. In shorter videos, contributors also discuss the prospects for peace in Afghanistan. The first short video summarises the […]

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India in South Asia: Interaction with Liberal Peacebuilding Projects

India in South Asia: Interaction with Liberal Peacebuilding Projects Citation:  Download journal article Abstract: In fragile and conflict-affected States (henceforth FCAS) in South Asia, two distinct forms of international engagement have worked simultaneously—the engagement of India, the regional hegemon, and that of Western states that promote liberal peacebuilding projects. From Norwegian engagement in Sri Lanka […]

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Processing peace in Afghanistan

Processing peace in Afghanistan Citation: Download report. Key points: • Distributing power: conventional approaches to power-sharing in Afghan peace initiatives have not taken into account Afghans’ multi-layered identities. Unpicking Afghan understandings of inclusion and power-sharing and how these relate to stability and conflict resolution is key to supporting effective, inclusive change. • Costing inclusion: what […]

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