Conciliation Resources are Recruiting for the Political Settlements Research Programme!

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Conciliation Resources is recruiting an Issue Editor to work on the 27th publication in their Accord series, which will look at peace and transition in Afghanistan.

This Accord project is part of the Political Settlements Research Programme.

It will explore how initiatives to advance reconciliation influence the political settlement. Research methodology for the publication will be applied, active and participatory to assess the evolution of Afghanistan’s political settlement – its relationship with different forms and levels of negotiation and accommodation; synergies and stresses between peacebuilding and statebuilding objectives; and how it has progressed in terms of inclusion. Learning from the research will be of practical relevance for peace and development in Afghanistan, as well as globally as a comparative resource. Please see:

Click here to visit the Conciliation Resources website for full details, essential criteria, and to apply.

Closing date: 9 am UK time Monday 11 July 2016.


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