PSRP partner, Conciliation Resources, hosting Lab research this week

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Consortium member, Conciliation Resources, is hosting two Lab sessions this week as part of the Political Settlements Research Programme. Conciliation Resources co-ordinates the Transformation theme of PSRP, which includes six different research projects.

  • Practice Lab in Nigeria

This Lab will investigate the current security concern of violence linked to movements of nomadic herdsmen through a political settlements lens. This considers how it reflects and feeds into underlying political dynamics, including how different actors Рsecurity, political, and community Рarticulate and understand the links.  Conciliation Resources is working in country with CePSERD.

  • Gender Lab in Colombia

This Lab workshop will be hosted with indigenous and afro-Colombian women to investigate their priorities for the transition process. This includes how they articulate their concerns and priorities in relation to current political, security and social institutions, and the peace process as it is currently happening. Where do they see change possible (or not) and how?  Conciliation Resources is working in country with CIASE.

Follow Conciliation Resources on Twitter and follow PSRP on Twitter for updates from the Labs in Nigeria and Colombia.


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