PSRP Researcher, Fionnuala Ní Aoláin: Implications for Colombia’s Peace Process from a Feminist Perspective

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Work by PSRP Researcher, Professor Fionnuala Ni Aolain, on gender and peace processes has been cited in the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage Blog ‘Here’s how attention to gender affected Colombia’s peace process’, by Roxanne Krystalli and Kimberly Theidon.

In the piece, which discusses how attention to gender issues has informed the peace process in Colombia so far, the authors write:

“Law professor Fionnuala ni Aolain’s work on gender and political settlements finds that when peace processes simply “add women and stir,” meaningful gains may be few. After a peace agreement, promises to take women’s concerns seriously often remain just that: promises, unfunded and ignored.”

The article cited, ‘The Relationship of Political Settlement Analysis to Peacebuilding from a Feminist Perspective’ explores ‘both how the definition of ‘political settlement’ functions to include or exclude women both formally and informally, and how emergent ‘political settlement’ theory and practice can both build on peace agreement analysis and avoid some of its gendered pitfalls.’ Professor Ni Aolain asks ‘how political settlement analysis works (or does not work) in practice to address women’s needs, demands and challenges.’ Furthermore, she ‘explores the kinds of gendered fault lines that have emerged and settled in political settlement practice, and explore insights from law, political science and international relations that might advance women’s interests.’

As Colombia’s peace process has been scrutinised for the ways in which gendered issues and notions have been both included and excluded, Professor Ni Aolain’s work on the gendered pitfalls of peace agreement analysis is an important contribution to consider how gender and political settlements can be understood during the ongoing attempts to secure a comprehensive peace deal.

PSRP has recently published a series of blogs and analysis on the peace process and peace agreement referendum in Colombia


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