Illiberal Peacebuilding in Asia: Workshop at LSE

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On 25 June, Jan Pospisil (ASPR) presented PSRP work at a workshop on illiberal peacebuilding in Asia. The event was part of a series of discussions to examine the form and the role of non-liberal approaches to managing conflict particularly in South and South East Asia, convened by a group of scholars around Rajesh Venugopal (LSE), Claire Smith (York) and Lars Waldorf (Dundee). The discussions focused on particularities of Asian approaches in conflict management and peacebuilding – in particular the usefulness of a ‘liberal/illiberal peacebuilding’ typology – and some regional examples, particularly Myanmar. The PSRP intervention demonstrated the strong role of power-sharing in peace processes in the region, based on PA-X data, and discussed the possible usefulness of the lens of ‘formalised political unsettlement’.

Jan’s presentation can be found in our multimedia database.

For more information on the event’s programme and the network organising it, consult their website.

Image: Twitter Hanna Rodenau-Noack