PSRP at ‘Truly Historic’ House Hearing on Women and Security

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PSRP Researcher, Professor Monica McWilliams (Transitional Justice Institute), has testified before the House of Representatives Foreign Affairs Committee, at a hearing that ‘put a crucial topic squarely on the agenda of one of the most prominent committees in Congress.’

As reported by Inclusive Security, the House Foreign Affairs Committee held the first-ever hearing by a full congressional panel on the role of women in peace and security on 22 March 2016. Monica McWilliams was invited to give testimony based on her extensive experience in negotiating political settlements, which includes being a signatory to the Belfast/Good Friday Agreement and member of Inclusive Security’s Women Waging Peace Network. Professor McWilliams is currently participating in the Syrian peace negotiations.

The hearing also  included testimony from Jacqueline O’Neill, Director of The Institute for Inclusive Security, and Hassan Abbas, Professor at National Defense University and a prominent analyst of security issues in South Asia. Betty Bigombe, a Ugandan mediator and peace campaigner famed for negotiating with the Lord’s Resistance Army, submitted written testimony.

The hearing and witness testimony are available as a webcasts and transcripts on the Foreign Affairs Committee website, and in our own PSRP Lecture and Webcast Library.




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