Monica McWilliams to address Negotiating and Mediation in Syria

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From 28 August-2 September 2015, PSRP team-member Monica McWilliams (TJI) will address an event on Inclusive Peacebuilding & in Syria: Promoting Consensus Across Ethnic and Religious divides.  The event will be attended by civil society and others from Syria, and is held by the Public International Policy Group.  She will address in particular issues relating to the inclusion of women with a technical focus on skills gained and found to be helpful from the peace talks, the role of the Northern Ireland Women’s Coalition during the peace talks, and the successes and failures experienced by civil society.  Participants from the region will be involved in interactive discussion.  One of Professor McWilliams’ key projects in the PSRP involves documenting her experience in the Women’s Coalition in Northern Ireland as a participant in the peace talks, and the lessons it holds for political settlements.

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