Support from around the world to Burundian Scholars and their Freedom of Thought

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In reaction to the political and security crisis affecting Burundi for the past year, more than sixty scholars from across the world have expressed their support to their Burundian colleagues and their freedom of thought.

Signatories include: PSRP member, Astrid Jamar; other scholars based in the University of Edinburgh; and members of ISS, part of the PRSP consortium.

In an ‘Open Letter: What is left of the freedom of thought in Burundi?’, researchers and lecturers engaged with Burundi, aim to show solidarity with their Burundian colleagues. The letter draws attention to the need of free and nuanced analysis in this difficult context. It also underlines the negative impact of the crisis on the Burundian academic environment, freedom of speech and freedom of thought.

The letter has so far been published in French by Iwacu, a Burundian Media Group, Le Monde and Le Soir. It has been reported by several newspapers including RFI (with an interview with Marie-Soleil Frère on Media in Burundi), TV5, and Jeune Afrique.

See full text in French and list of signatories

To learn more about the Burundi crisis, read our recent Briefing Papper “Escalating Conflict in Burundi: The Challenges of Overcoming Radicalisation”


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