PSRP PA-X Women Database is a Featured UN Women Resource

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The Political Settlements Research Programme is delighted to report that its Women and Peace Agreement Database (PA-X Women) is now a Featured Resource on the UN Women website.

Click here to visit the Featured Resource section of the UN Women website.

The PSRP team’s research featured heavily in the high level review of UN SCR 1325, which we reported on in October 2015. The PA-X Women Database is a key part of the PSRP. The database lists all the peace agreements between 1990 and the present day which have provisions on women, gender or sexual violence, and provides full search features for what those provisions deal with.

Click here to read more about PA-X Women, and to search the database.

The latest Conciliation Resources newsletter is on Women, Peace, and Security, and contains a number of helpful resources.

Click here to read the Women, Peace, and Security issue of the CR newsletter.

Click here to see CR’s Gender & Conflict Analysis Toolkit (first edition) which will be launch formally later in 2016.


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