PSRP publishes infographics on peace processes

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The Political Settlements Research Programme has produced a series of infographics illustrating key facts and recurring themes from peace processes around the world. The infographics deliver a wealth of information about peace processes in a clear and easily accessible way, covering seven themes:

The infographics are taken from PSRP’s PA-X Peace Agreements Database, a fully searchable database of over 1700 peace agreements from 1990-2018. PA-X Version 2 is now live, with documents up to date to the end of 2018, new search categories and an improved user interface. The infographics help bring the PSRP’s research to life in a fascinating visual representation of data from nearly 30 years of peace processes around the world.

One more infographic on instability will be published later in the year. An Arabic translation of the overview of peace processes infographic is available now, and Arabic translations of the remaining documents are forthcoming.

For more information, visit the PA-X Peace Agreements Database.