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The Political Settlements Research Programme is delighted to announce a new set of outputs for February 2016. All are available to read and download in full via our website.

  • *New Report* ‘A Microcosm of Militarization: Conflict, Governance, and Armed Mobilization in Uvira, South Kivu’, by Judith Verweijen (Rift Valley Institute)

This Usalama Report by Judith Verweijen at the Rift Valley Institute analyses militarization in Uvira and how it shapes the interplay between local conflicts, governance and armed mobilization. Focussing on the Bafuliiru Chiefdom and the Ruzizi Plain Chiefdom, the report examines how armed forces influence and are influenced by conflicts related to customary power, security governance and local economic regulation. The presence of so many armed groups in Uvira affects local governance profoundly, in particular because of their links with local authorities. The report argues that in order to sustainably demilitarize Uvira, it is necessary to defuse conflicts related to customary authority, weaken armed groups and their civilian support networks, and improve security management and regulation of local defence forces.

Click here to visit our Reports library to read and download the full report.


  • *New Briefing Paper* ‘UN Review Processes: Politics and International State- and Peacebuilding’, by Jan Pospisil (Global Justice Academy)

Three UN review documents have been produced in 2015 along the UN reform agenda: the UN peacekeeping review, the review of the UN peacebuilding architecture, and the Global Study on the implementation of UNSCR 1325.  All three reviews call for a reform of the UN’s work in fragile and conflict-affected states, and argue for a more dynamic and political approach.

Click here to visit our Briefing Papers library to read and download Briefing Paper 9/2016.


  • *New Presentation* ‘Political Settlements Research Programme: Creating Development Impact?’, by Jan Pospisil (Global Justice Academy)

This presentation was given by Jan Pospisil at the Impact Fiesta Conference in Edinburgh on 18 February 2016.

Click here to visit our Presentations library to read and download the pdf version of this presentation.


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