New Blog on Armed Groups in DRC (Rift Valley Institute)

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Relire les motivations d’une attaque des miliciens Mai-Mai à Misisi by Claude Iguma Wakenge, can be read here.

English Summary: ‘Re-reading’ the motivations of an attack of the Mai-Mai milicias in Misis

In this blog, Claude Iguma analyses the rumours and events surrounding an attack by an armed group on the gold mining site of Misisi in Fizi, South Kivu. These rumours, resulting from uncertainties about the perpetrators and their motives, reveal the complex ways in which business and security interests are entwined in the eastern DRC’s mining sector. Armed and unarmed, state-and non-state actors collaborate and compete in sometimes unexpected ways. This breeds conflicts and insecurity. Grasping this complexity, by mapping the various commercial, social and military networks involved, is essential to understand conflict dynamics and in turn enable better governance.


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