PSRP’s PI, Christine Bell, presents PA-X research at SIPRI’s Stockholm Forum on Peace & Development

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On Monday 7 May 2018, Professor Christine Bell joined a panel a the Fifth Annual Stockholm Forum on Peace and Development, hosted by the Stockholm International Peace Research Institute (SIPRI).

The Forum brings together representatives from 80 countries in discussion around conflict prevention and routes to lasting peace.

This year’s Forum took the key theme of ‘how can we strengthen global cooperation on conflict prevention and sustainable peace?’ – which links very closely with the overarching theme of inclusivity, present throughout PSRP’s research.

In a summary news peace following the intensive discussions at the Forum, SIPRI are able to conclude that ‘inclusivity key for lasting peace’.

In her presentation, Professor Bell introduced the PA-X Peace Agreements Database and the collection of >1500 agreements covering >140 peace processes that it contains as ‘Peace of Pieces of Paper’.

The database is fully-searchable at and we want to hear about your own discoveries from the data.

Share your findings with us on Twitter @PolSettlements, and follow and share to #paxfax on Twitter to see the quantitative snippets that our analysts have found from their own work, and add your own to the conversation.




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