PSRP Researcher, Zahbia Yousuf presents new research from Conciliation Resources with Sophia Close at USIP

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On Friday 18 May 2018, Zahbia Yousuf and Sophia Close (from Consortium partner, Conciliation Resources) will present new research findings as part of a morning event on ‘Can Inclusive Peace Processes Work?’, co-hosted by the United States Institute of Peace in Washington DC, with Conciliation Resources.

The discussion will focus on overcoming challenges to inclusive peace processes and negotiated settlements, and intends to further policy conversations supported by evidence-based research on inclusion in peace efforts conducted by Conciliation Resources.

CR’s research – as part of the Political Settlements Research Programme – draws on case studies and local perspectives with local partners from Colombia, Bougainville and Nepal. This event will explore how inclusion is negotiated in war to peace transitions, common barriers to and trade-offs between inclusion and stability, and types of external and internal support that have been effective. The findings will also reflect upon strategies used by different groups, in particular women and other marginalised groups, to influence these processes.

Conciliation Resources have just published two new Accord Spotlights, based on this research:


You can join the conversation on Twitter with #InclusivePeace.

If you are based in D.C., registration is still open via USIP.

Alternatively, click here to watch the webcast on the day.

For additional information, please contact Tonis Montes at




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