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McWilliams, M., & Ní Aoláin, F. (2016). Moving Slowly to Regulate and Recognize: Human Rights Meets Intimate Partner Sexual Violence (Transitional Justice Institute Research Paper No. 16-10). Belfast: Transitional Justice Institute.

Ní Aoláin, F. (2016). The Relationship of Political Settlement Analysis to Peacebuilding from a Feminist Perspective. Peacebuilding, 4(Legal Studies Research Paper Series Special Issue), 151–165.

O’Rourke, C. (2017). Gendering Political Settlements: Challenges and Opportunities. Journal of International Development forthcoming

Conflict-Related Violence Against Women: Transforming Transition2018, , , bookFull Detailsswaineconflict genderliberia northern-ireland timor-leste
, Intimate Partner Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies: Insights and Lessons from Northern Ireland2018, reportFull Detailsdoyle mcwilliamsconflict gendernorthern-ireland
Gendered Political Settlements: Examining Peace Transitions in Bougainville, Nepal and Colombia2018, , , reportFull Detailsclosegender peace-processesbougainville-island colombia nepal
Understanding and Addressing Conflict-Related Violence Against Women2018, , briefing paper

Full Detailsswainegenderliberia northern-ireland timor-leste
Gendering the Law of Occupation: The Case of Cyprus2018journal articleFull Detailsni-aolaingendercyprus
, , Gender in political transition: Bougainville's peace process2018, , reportFull Detailsclose kirkham yousufgender peace-processesbougainville-island papua-new-guinea
Feminist Strategy in International Law: Understanding Its Legal, Normative and Political Dimensions2017articleFull Detailsorourkegendernorthern-ireland
, Violent conflict, political settlement and intimate partner violence, Lessons from Northern Ireland2017, research reportFull Detailsdoyle mcwilliamsconflict gendernorthern-ireland
The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Conflict2018, bookFull Detailsni-aolainconflict gender
, , , Gender and Nepal’s transition from war2017, reportFull Detailsbaniya kharel ramsbotham thapagender peace-processesnepal
, , , , Indigenous women and Colombia’s peace process2017, reportFull Detailscardenas close ramirez salamanca yousufgender peace-processescolombia
, Moving Slowly to Regulate and Recognize: Human Rights Meets Intimate Partner Sexual Violence2016research paperFull Detailsmcwilliams ni-aolaingender
Gendering Political Settlements: Challenges and Opportunities2017journal articleFull Detailsorourkegender
, Women, Conflict and Public Authority in the Congo2016, briefing paperFull Detailsbashwira cuvelierconflict genderdrc
, The impact of war on Somali men and its effects onthe family, women and children2016, briefing paperFull Detailsel-bushra gardnerconflict gendersomalia
UN Review Processes: Politics and international state- and peacebuilding2016, briefing paperFull Detailspospisilgender peace-processes
Security Council Resolution 2242 (2015) on Women, Peace and Security: Summary of critical elements and progress2015briefing paperFull Detailsvaljigender
Law, Governance and Development: A Case Study of Women's Social Mobilisation and Transitional Justice2015briefing paperFull Detailsorourkegender
, Chronology of Peace Process and Peace Agreements between the Philippines and the National Democratic Front2015, briefing paperFull Detailsbell farahnooshgender peace-processesphilippines
, Chronology of Mindanao Peace Agreements2015, briefing paperFull Detailsbell utleygender peace-processesphilippines
, , A chronology of Colombian Peace Processes and Peace Agreements2015, briefing paperFull Detailsbell matzner orourkegender peace-processescolombia
The Relationship of Political Settlement Analysis to Peacebuilding from a Feminist Perspective2016, journal articleFull Detailsni-aolainconcepts gender
, Through the Looking Glass: Transitional Justice Futures through the Lens of Nationalism, Feminism and Transformative Change2015journal articleFull Detailsbrown ni-aolaingender
Women at the Peace Table: The Gender Dynamics of Peace Negotiations2015, book chapterFull Detailsmcwilliamsgender peace-processesnorthern-ireland
Unsettling Bargains? Power-sharing and the Inclusion of Women in Peace Negotiations2015, reportFull Detailsbellgender peace-processes
Text and Context: Evaluating Peace Agreements for their ‘Gender Perspective’2015, reportFull Detailsbellgender peace-processes
International Gender Equality Norms and the Local Peacemaking Political Settlement2017, working paperFull Detailsorourkecase-studies gendernorthern-ireland
Gendering the Law of Occupation2016, working paperFull Detailsni-aolaingenderisrael palestine

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