Lectures and webcasts

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Inclusive Politics in Afghanistan2018, Accord Filmvideoconciliation-resourcesconflict peace-processesafghanistan
President Najibullah and the National Reconciliation Policy2018, Accord Filmvideoconciliation-resourcesconflict peace-processesafghanistan
Inclusive and sustainable justice in Afghanistan2018, Accord Filmvideoconciliation-resourcesconflict peace-processesafghanistan
Women's participation in peace talks in Afghanistan2018, Accord Filmvideoconciliation-resourcesgender peace-processesafghanistan
Incremental peace in Afghanistan (short video)2018, Accord Filmvideoconciliation-resourcesconflict peace-processesafghanistan
Incremental peace in Afghanistan2018, Accord Filmvideoconciliation-resourcesconflict peace-processesafghanistan
EJIL: Live! Editor-in-Chief interview with Catherine O'Rourke2018EJIL: Live! Editor-in-Chief interviewvideoorourkegender


The Role of Human Rights in Peace Settlements – A Twenty-Five Year History. Northern Ireland’s Past and Current Struggles in Global Perspective2015Stephen Livingston Lecturevideobellpeace-processesnorthern-ireland
Expert Witness Testimony: Congress House Committee on Foreign Affairs Hearing on Women and Security, Chrystal Macmillan Lecture 20152015Chrystal Macmillan Lecture videoreesgender
Political Settlements and Peacebuilding from a Feminist Perspective, Political Settlements Research Programme Summer School, June 20162016PSRP Summer Schoolvideoni-aolaingender
Political Settlements - Connecting Gender Analysis between the spheres of formal politics, social movements, external actors, and Gender Policy Outcomes2016, PSRP Summer Schoolvideoorourkeconcepts gender
, Evaluating Transformation2016PSRP Summer Schoolvideocepa dugganpeace-processescolombia


Everyday Peace Indicators: Using Anecdotal Indicators to Measure Peace2016PSRP Summer School videomac-gintyconcepts


What do we talk about when we talk about Political Settlements2016PSRP Summer Schoolvideobellconcepts


What do we get from a political settlements perspective? Comparative insights into the politics of development in Africa2016PSRP Summer School videohickeyconcepts
Peacebuilding in South America: Colombia2016PSRP Summer Schoolvideoflorez-munozpeace-processescolombia


Different Violence, Different Justice? Transition and Transformation in Colombia2016PSRP Summer School videomcgillpeace-processescolombia