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Global Constitutionalism Journal Special Issue: Constitution-making and political settlements in times of transition

Thapa, D., & Ramsbotham, A. (2017). Two steps forward, one step back The Nepal peace process (PSRP Report). London: Conciliation Resources.

Zulueta-Fülscher, K., Bell, C., & (2015). Interim Constitutions: Peacekeeping and Democracy-Building Tools, Final Report (PSRP Report in Cooperation with IDEA). Stockholm: International IDEA.

, , Gender in political transition: Bougainville's peace process2018, , reportFull Details
Political Commemoration: The Inclusion Dynamics of ‘Partisan Commemoration’2017, briefing paperFull Details
, Peacebuilding and transition in borderlands2017, reportFull Details
The Southern Transitional Council: Implications on Yemen’s Peace Process2017journal articleFull Details
Toward a Comprehensive Solution? Yemen’s Two-Year Peace Process2017journal articleFull Details
, , , , Indigenous women and Colombia’s peace process2017, reportFull Details
Processing peace in Afghanistan2017reportFull Details
Navigating Inclusion in Peace Settlements, Human Rights and the Creation of the Common Good2017, , , , , reportFull Details
Nepal Case Study2017briefing paperFull Details
Sri Lanka Case Study2017briefing paperFull Details
Burundi Case Study2017briefing paperFull Details
Egypt Case Study2017briefing paperFull Details
Bosnia-Herzegovina Case Study2017briefing paperFull Details
, Two steps forward, one step back
The Nepal peace process
2017reportFull Details
The Fabric of Transitional Justice: Binding Local and Global Political Settlements2017book chapterFull Details
Transitional Justice2017bookFull Details
UN Review Processes: Politics and international state- and peacebuilding2016, briefing paperFull Details
Governance and Law: The Distinctive Context of Transitions from Conflict and its Consequences for Development Interventions2015, briefing paperFull Details
, Chronology of Peace Process and Peace Agreements between the Philippines and the National Democratic Front2015, briefing paperFull Details
, Chronology of Mindanao Peace Agreements2015, briefing paperFull Details
, , A chronology of Colombian Peace Processes and Peace Agreements2015, briefing paperFull Details
, , Toward a Framework of Transitional Justice in Israel/Palestine2015, working paperFull Details
Letting off Steam: Interim Constitutions as a Safety Valve to the Pressure-Cooker of Transitions in Conflict-Affected States?2017, journal articleFull Details
Eternity Clauses in Post-Conflict and Post-Authoritarian Constitution-Making: Promise and Limits2017journal articleFull Details
The Alchemists: Courts as Democracy-Builders in Contemporary Thought2017, journal articleFull Details
Women at the Peace Table: The Gender Dynamics of Peace Negotiations2015, book chapterFull Details
Interim Constitutions in Post-Conflict Settings2014, reportFull Details
, Interim Constitutions: Peacekeeping and Democracy-Building Tools, Final Report2015, policy paperFull Details
Unsettling Bargains? Power-sharing and the Inclusion of Women in Peace Negotiations2015, reportFull Details
Text and Context: Evaluating Peace Agreements for their ‘Gender Perspective’2015, reportFull Details
We Have Lived Too Long To Be Deceived: South Sudanese Discuss the Lessons of Historic Peace Agreements2015, reportFull Details
, Civil Society, Conflict Transformation, and Peace Building – a Christian Aid Ireland Learning Paper2016, , , , , , , , , reportFull Details
, , , , Constitution-Building in Political Settlement Processes: The Quest for Inclusion2016, reportFull Details
, , Peace, Power and inclusive change in Nepal: Political Settlements in Practice2016reportFull Details
, Sequencing Peace Agreements and Constitutions in the Political Settlement Process2016, reportFull Details
Symposium on the Colombian Peace Talks and International Law: Lex Pacificatoria Colombiana: Colombia’s Peace Accord in Comparative Perspective2016, journal articleFull Details

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