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This project focuses on political settlements at the sub-national and transnational level, and is closely related to CR’s work to promote momentum for the peace in the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia (or Ogaden).  CR supports initiatives that encourage negotiation at the state level (supporting Kenyan mediated talks between the Ethiopian government and the ONLF), and dialogue between political actors and between communities (in the diaspora and living inside Somali region) at the sub-state level. This project builds on the Border-lands project through active engagement with ‘live’ political settlements arising at the sub-national level, and builds on CR’s work to promote momentum for peace in the Somali Regional State of Ethiopia (Ogaden)


The project uses desk-based and qualitative work (in the region) to map the sub-national political settlement in the Ogaden, and how it relates to the federal, sub-national and regional centers of power (Ethiopia, SRS, S Sudan, Eritrea and Somalia). In parallel, CR have worked to support active, relevant stakeholders to understand what the prospects are for changing the political settlement in Ethiopia in relation to the nascent peace process.


The learning from these two interconnected sets of activities provides an extensive overview of how the political bargaining at different power centres are reproduced or resisted at the sub-national level (Ogaden), and how political actors (formal, informal, armed and non-armed) relate to the centre and are shaped by these relations.


Jonathan Cohen, Zahbia Yousuf, and Alexander Ramsbottom (Conciliation Resources)



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Photo: Charles Roffey/Creative Commons, Martina Bacigalupo/Vu and Bjorn/Creative Commons

Details :
  • Author : Harriet Cornell
  • Category : Case Studies, Conflict, Ethiopia-Ogaden
  • Date : July 16, 2015
  • Tags : Borderlands Ethiopia Ogaden