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Gender and Violence


This project examines how women’s experience of enduring gendered violence affects their ability to access and influence the realm in which political settlements emerge and evolve. This project uses case studies and a mix of methodologies to provide evidence on the relationship between violence against women (VAW) and political settlement. Through it, we consider the ways in which VAW operates to limit the public spaces in which women participate.


The project has three distinct studies.  First, a study on how sexual violence changes in different stages – from pre, to during, then post conflict – and the ways in which this shapes women’s inclusion. This study involves case studies of Liberia, Northern Ireland and Timor-Leste (fragile, non-fragile, and semi-fragile), all of which had significant mobilisation of women, and which showed important variations in the role that VAW played in the conflict. Second, as part of the Northern Ireland research, there is a second empirical study involving new longitudinal quantitative data on domestic violence patterns and how they change during and post-conflict, leading to specific publications on the connection between conflict and post-conflict processes and domestic violence.  Finally, using interviews with women in Israel/Palestine, a study considers how women’s lives are shaped by occupation- a form of formalised unsettlement.


These projects all consider how women’s lives intersect with violent agendas and shape the spaces in which they are included and excluded. Through exploring the relationship between VAW pre-conflict, during conflict, and post conflict, we also problematize the ‘conflict’ versus ‘non-conflict’ distinctions that are sometimes used with respect to which violence the peace process is to address.


Jessica Doyle, Fionnuala Ni Aolain, Monica McWilliams and Aisling Swaine (Transitional Justice Institute)

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  • Author : Harriet Cornell
  • Category : Comparative, Conflict, Gender, Northern Ireland
  • Date : July 16, 2015
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