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Practice Labs


This project introduces a ‘practice-lab’ model which explores the themes, ideas and assumptions relating to inclusion and peace processes that underpin our research, with people working in their local country context. We have some general practice labs and some specific gender practice labs (see below), some of which pave the way for a fuller case study. These labs look at effective strategies employed by marginalised groups, or non-elite coalitions – including focusing on women and non-aligned minorities – with respect to inclusion of these actors and their agendas for change in peace talks, peace agreements, political legislation, and institutions.


The practice labs are active and participatory, involving a range of political and civil society stakeholders as well as international policy makers. They take place in four contexts, two of which overlap with country case studies: Nepal, Colombia, Nigeria, and Bougainville. Workshops with participants from domestic political and civil society spheres reflect on the relationship between conflict, peace efforts and gender equality, and aim to unpack (using a political settlement lens) the reasons for opportunities and continuing challenges. The work compares across contexts where there have been significant efforts to promote inclusion of women in peace agreements, and political structures with differentiated impact.


It is important to understand and ‘test’ how actors within conflicts and peace processes understand political settlements to be operating, and explore how they can use the concept; and more widely, how they seek to bring about change in political settlements.


Jonathan Cohen, Alexander Ramsbotham, Zahbia Yousuf (Conciliation Resources)

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Photo: Agencia Prensa Rural/Creative Commons, Charlotte Melly/CR and Basics Community News Service/Creative Commons

Details :
  • Author : Harriet Cornell
  • Category : Colombia, Comparative, Concepts, Gender, Nepal, Peace Processes
  • Date : June 17, 2015
  • Tags : Colombia Nepal Nigeria