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, What difference does peace make? A Comparative Study of Intimate Partner Abuse in a Conflict and Post-Conflict Setting2016PDF
Political Settlements Transformation: Engagement with the Unpredictable?2015PDF
The Resilient State: A Critical Reflection on Statebuilding Research and Policy2015, PDF
‘Political Settlements Research Programme’: Creating Development Impact?2016PDF
Relief Governance in Fragile Contexts: Applying a ‘Political Settlements'2016PDF
Everyday in Aidland2016Prezi
Transitional Justice Practitioners in Rwanda2015Prezi
Political Parties and International Interventions: The GCC Initiative and the JMP2016PDF
, , Security and Inclusivity in Peace Agreements: Introducing the New Peace Agreement Dataset2017PDF
Strong Again? Sovereign Security after the ‘Post-Liberal Takeover’2017PDF
, Conventions of Silence: Emotions and Knowledge Production in War-Affected Research Environments2015, PDF
The UN Review Processes and Current Trends in Peacebuilding: Bringing Politics Back In2016PDF
”Vukovar will never be BYKOBAP”: Serbia-Croatia relations and minority language rights2016, , PDF
The Transitional Justice ‘Toolkit Approach’ in Burundi: A Fruitless Agenda?2016PDF
”It is decided in Brussels for our wishes”: Competing Discourses of Decentralization in Kosovo2015PDF
Fragility and Risk Management: The UK example2016PDF
From Hypocrisy to Ambiguity: The Post-Liberal Paradigm in State- and Peacebuilding2016, PDF
Child Rights come with Child Responsibilities2016PDF
Venetian Responsibility: National Minority Rights and Inter-State Relations in Europe2017PDF
PA-X: Peace Agreement Access Tool2015, Prezi
About Our Research2015Prezi
What are Political Settlements?2015Prezi