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, Structural pressures and political instability Trajectories for sub-Saharan Africa2018reportFull Detailsbello-schunemann moyerconflict
Political commemoration and peacebuilding in ethno-national settings: the risk and utility of partisan memory2018journal articleFull Detailsbrownpeace-processesnorthern-ireland
Assessing and Influencing Progress in Peace Processes Workshop Report2018reportFull Detailsmolloypeace-processes
Reflections on referendums2018reportFull Detailstierneypeace-processes
Electoral system design in the context of constitution-building2018reportFull Detailsellispeace-processes
Setting Aside the “Others”: Exclusion amid Inclusion of Non-dominant Minorities in Peace Agreements2018journal articleFull Detailswisepeace-processes
Political Power-sharing and Inclusion: Peace and Transition Processes2018PA-X reportFull Detailsbellpeace-processes
Economic Power-sharing, Conflict Resolution and Development in Peace Negotiations and Agreements2018PA-X reportFull Detailsbellpeace-processes
Territorial Power-sharing and Inclusion in Peace Processes2018PA-X reportFull Detailswisepeace-processes
Building States while Building Peace? Statebuilding and Security Sector Reform in Peace Agreements2018PA-X reportFull Detailspospisilpeace-processes
Conflict-Related Violence Against Women: Transforming Transition2018, , , bookFull Detailsswaineconflict genderliberia northern-ireland timor-leste
, Incremental peace in Afghanistan2018, reportFull Detailslarson ramsbothamconflict peace-processesafghanistan
, Intimate Partner Violence in Conflict and Post-Conflict Societies: Insights and Lessons from Northern Ireland2018, reportFull Detailsdoyle mcwilliamsconflict gendernorthern-ireland
Interactions between Elections and Constitution-Building Processes in Fragile and Conflict-affected States2018reportFull Detailsideapeace-processes
Navigating Inclusion in Peace Transitions: Beyond Elite Bargains2018reportFull Detailsyousufpeace-processes
Gendered Political Settlements: Examining Peace Transitions in Bougainville, Nepal and Colombia2018, , , reportFull Detailsclosegender peace-processesbougainville-island colombia nepal
India in South Asia: Interaction with Liberal Peacebuilding Projects2018, , , journal articleFull Detailsadhikariconflictafghanistan bhutan india nepal
Understanding and Addressing Conflict-Related Violence Against Women2018, , briefing paper

Full Detailsswainegenderliberia northern-ireland timor-leste
Gendering the Law of Occupation: The Case of Cyprus2018journal articleFull Detailsni-aolaingendercyprus
Quick Guide to Ceasefire Arrangements2018briefing paperFull Detailsforsterpeace-processes
, , Gender in political transition: Bougainville's peace process2018, , reportFull Detailsclose kirkham yousufgender peace-processesbougainville-island papua-new-guinea
Feminist Strategy in International Law: Understanding Its Legal, Normative and Political Dimensions2017articleFull Detailsorourkegendernorthern-ireland
Political Commemoration: The Inclusion Dynamics of ‘Partisan Commemoration’2017, briefing paperFull Detailsbrownconflict peace-processesnorthern-ireland
, Violent conflict, political settlement and intimate partner violence, Lessons from Northern Ireland2017, research reportFull Detailsdoyle mcwilliamsconflict gendernorthern-ireland
, Peacebuilding and transition in borderlands2017, reportFull Detailsplonski yousufconflict peace-processes
The Social Life of Policy Reports: Reporting as a Tool in the Transitional Justice Battlefield in Rwanda2017articleFull Detailsjamarconflictrwanda
, Substate Constitutions in Fragile and Conflict-affected Settings2017reportFull Detailswelikala zulueta-fulscherpeace-processes
The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Conflict2018, bookFull Detailsni-aolainconflict gender
‘Unsharing’ Sovereignty: g7+ and the Politics of International Statebuilding2017journal articleFull Detailspospisilconcepts
Atrocity, Accountability, and Amnesty in a ‘Post-Human Rights World’?2017working paperFull Detailsmallinderconflict
Justice Learning in Transition2017working paperFull Detailsrooneyconflictnorthern-ireland
Dealing with displacement in Myanmar’s peace process2017, working paperFull Detailsmcconnachieconflict peace-processesmyanmar
, , , Gender and Nepal’s transition from war2017, reportFull Detailsbaniya kharel ramsbotham thapagender peace-processesnepal
The Southern Transitional Council: Implications on Yemen’s Peace Process2017journal articleFull Detailsforsterpeace-processesyemen
Toward a Comprehensive Solution? Yemen’s Two-Year Peace Process2017journal articleFull Detailsforsterpeace-processesyemen
, , , , Indigenous women and Colombia’s peace process2017, reportFull Detailscardenas close ramirez salamanca yousufgender peace-processescolombia
Processing peace in Afghanistan2017reportFull Detailslarsonpeace-processesafghanistan
Gender and Conflict Analysis Toolkit for Peacebuilders2015, toolkitFull Detailsconciliation-resourcesconflict gender
Transitional Justice Grassroots Toolkit2016toolkitMore Detailsrooneypeace-processesnorthern-ireland
Navigating Inclusion in Peace Settlements, Human Rights and the Creation of the Common Good2017, , , , , reportFull Detailsbellconcepts peace-processesbosnia-herzigovina burundi egypt nepal sri-lanka
, Conventions of Silence: Emotions and Knowledge Production in War-Affected Research Environments2016journal articleFull Detailschappuis jamarconcepts
Nepal Case Study2017briefing paperFull Detailsandersonpeace-processesnepal
Sri Lanka Case Study2017briefing paperFull Detailswelikalapeace-processessri-lanka
Burundi Case Study2017briefing paperFull Detailsjamarpeace-processesburundi
Egypt Case Study2017briefing paperFull Detailsforsterpeace-processesegypt
Contending with the Past: Transitional Justice and Political Settlement Processes2017book chapterFull Detailsbellconcepts
Justice, Rights and Equality: In Search of the Common Good in an Era of Transition2017working paperFull Detailsmolloyconcepts
The Concept of the Common Good2017working paperFull Detailsjaedeconcepts
Bosnia-Herzegovina Case Study2017briefing paperFull Detailswisepeace-processesbosnia-herzigovina
Pathways to Post-Liberal Peace: Perspectives on the 'Common Good' in Peace and Statebuilding2017working paperFull Detailspospisilconcepts
, Navigating Inclusion in Transitions from Conflict: The Formalised Political Unsettlement2017journal articleFull Detailsbell pospisilconcepts
, Two steps forward, one step back
The Nepal peace process
2017reportFull Detailsramsbotham thapapeace-processesnepal
, From cooperation to contention. Political unsettlement and farmer-pastoralist conflicts in Nigeria2017briefing paperFull Detailshigazi yousufconflictnigeria
The Fabric of Transitional Justice: Binding Local and Global Political Settlements2017book chapterFull Detailsbellpeace-processes
Transitional Justice2017bookFull Detailsbellpeace-processes
, Moving Slowly to Regulate and Recognize: Human Rights Meets Intimate Partner Sexual Violence2016research paperFull Detailsmcwilliams ni-aolaingender
Gendering Political Settlements: Challenges and Opportunities2017journal articleFull Detailsorourkegender
Political Settlement and the New Logic of Hybrid Self-determination2016bookFull Detailsbellconcepts
, The resilient state: new regulatory modes in international approaches to state building?2016journal articleFull Detailskuhn pospisilconcepts
, ‘It’s not all about the land’: Land disputes and conflict in eastern Congo2016briefing paperFull Detailsmathys vlassenrootconflictdrc
, Women, Conflict and Public Authority in the Congo2016, briefing paperFull Detailsbashwira cuvelierconflict genderdrc
, The impact of war on Somali men and its effects onthe family, women and children2016, briefing paperFull Detailsel-bushra gardnerconflict gendersomalia
, Recycling Rebels? Demobilization in the Congo2016briefing paperFull Detailsmusamba vogelconflictdrc
The Ebb and Flow of Stabilization in the Congo2016briefing paperFull Detailsde-vriesconflictdrc
, Understanding Armed Group Proliferation in the Eastern Congo2015briefing paperFull Detailsverweijen wakengeconflictdrc
UN Review Processes: Politics and international state- and peacebuilding2016, briefing paperFull Detailspospisilgender peace-processes
Security Council Resolution 2242 (2015) on Women, Peace and Security: Summary of critical elements and progress2015briefing paperFull Detailsvaljigender
Escalating Conflict in Burundi: The Challenges of Overcoming Radicalisation2016briefing paperFull Detailsjamarconflictburundi
Law, Governance and Development: A Case Study of Women's Social Mobilisation and Transitional Justice2015briefing paperFull Detailsorourkegender
Governance and Law: The Distinctive Context of Transitions from Conflict and its Consequences for Development Interventions2015, briefing paperFull Detailsbellconcepts peace-processes
, Chronology of Peace Process and Peace Agreements between the Philippines and the National Democratic Front2015, briefing paperFull Detailsbell farahnooshgender peace-processesphilippines
, Chronology of Mindanao Peace Agreements2015, briefing paperFull Detailsbell utleygender peace-processesphilippines
, , A chronology of Colombian Peace Processes and Peace Agreements2015, briefing paperFull Detailsbell matzner orourkegender peace-processescolombia
What we talk about when we talk about political settlements2015working paperFull Detailsbellconcepts
, , Toward a Framework of Transitional Justice in Israel/Palestine2015, working paperFull Detailschristian-aid transitional-justice-institute zochotpeace-processesisrael palestine
Bargaining on Constitutions: Political Settlements and Constitutional State-building2017, journal articleFull Detailsbellcase-studies concepts
Letting off Steam: Interim Constitutions as a Safety Valve to the Pressure-Cooker of Transitions in Conflict-Affected States?2017, journal articleFull Detailsrodriguescase-studies peace-processes
Eternity Clauses in Post-Conflict and Post-Authoritarian Constitution-Making: Promise and Limits2017journal articleFull Detailssuteupeace-processestunisia
The Alchemists: Courts as Democracy-Builders in Contemporary Thought2017, journal articleFull Detailsdalycase-studies peace-processes
Courting Peace: Judicial Review and Peace Jurisprudence2017, journal articleFull Detailssapianocase-studies peace-processes
The ‘war on terror’ and extremism: assessing the relevance of the Women, Peace and Security agenda2016journal articleFull Detailsni-aolaingender
The Relationship of Political Settlement Analysis to Peacebuilding from a Feminist Perspective2016, journal articleFull Detailsni-aolainconcepts gender
, Through the Looking Glass: Transitional Justice Futures through the Lens of Nationalism, Feminism and Transformative Change2015journal articleFull Detailsbrown ni-aolaingender
International Law, the Scottish Independence Debate and Political Settlement in the UK2016, book chapterFull Detailsbellconceptsscotland united-kingdom
Women at the Peace Table: The Gender Dynamics of Peace Negotiations2015, book chapterFull Detailsmcwilliamsgender peace-processesnorthern-ireland
Interim Constitutions in Post-Conflict Settings2014, reportFull Detailsbellcase-studies peace-processes
, Interim Constitutions: Peacekeeping and Democracy-Building Tools, Final Report2015, policy paperFull Detailsbell zulueta-fulschercase-studies peace-processes
Unsettling Bargains? Power-sharing and the Inclusion of Women in Peace Negotiations2015, reportFull Detailsbellgender peace-processes
Text and Context: Evaluating Peace Agreements for their ‘Gender Perspective’2015, reportFull Detailsbellgender peace-processes
We Have Lived Too Long To Be Deceived: South Sudanese Discuss the Lessons of Historic Peace Agreements2015, reportFull Detailsakecconflict peace-processessouth-sudan
A Microcosm of Militarization: Conflict, Governance, and Armed Mobilization in Uvira, South Kivu2016reportFull Detailsverweijenconflictdrc
, Civil Society, Conflict Transformation, and Peace Building – a Christian Aid Ireland Learning Paper2016, , , , , , , , , reportFull Detailsbalfe wittpeace-processesangola central-america colombia comparative drc israel-and-the-occupied-palestinian-territory-iopt myanmar pakistan sierra-leone zimbabwe
Stabilization, Extraversions and Political Settlements in Somalia2016reportFull Detailshagmannconflictsomalia
, , , , Constitution-Building in Political Settlement Processes: The Quest for Inclusion2016, reportFull Detailsbell bisarya sapiano welikala zulueta-fulscherconcepts peace-processes
, , Contesting Authority: Armed Rebellion and Military Fragmentation in Walikale and Kalehe, North and South Kivu2016reportFull Detailshoffmann mudinga vlassenrootconflictdrc
, , Peace, Power and inclusive change in Nepal: Political Settlements in Practice2016reportFull Detailsneelakantan ramsbotham thapapeace-processesnepal
International Gender Equality Norms and the Local Peacemaking Political Settlement2017, working paperFull Detailsorourkecase-studies gendernorthern-ireland
, Sequencing Peace Agreements and Constitutions in the Political Settlement Process2016, reportFull Detailsbell zulueta-fulschercase-studies peace-processes
, Good Fences Make Good Neighbours: Assessing the Role of Consociational Politics in Transitional Justice2016working paperFull Detailsbrown ni-aolainpeace-processes
, Success and Failure of Political Settlements: Defining and Measuring Transformation2015working paperFull Detailslucey schunemannsuccess-and-failure
Stable Instability: Political Settlements and Armed Groups in the Congo2016reportFull Detailsverweijenconflictdrc
Gendering the Law of Occupation2016, working paperFull Detailsni-aolaingenderisrael palestine
Symposium on the Colombian Peace Talks and International Law: Lex Pacificatoria Colombiana: Colombia’s Peace Accord in Comparative Perspective2016, journal articleFull Detailsbellconcepts peace-processescolombia