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Interactions between Elections and Constitution-Building Processes in Fragile and Conflict-affected States2018ReportFull Details
Navigating Inclusion in Peace Transitions: Beyond Elite Bargains2018ReportFull Details
Gendered Political Settlements: Examining Peace Transitions in Bougainville, Nepal and Colombia2018, , , ReportFull Details
India in South Asia: Interaction with Liberal Peacebuilding Projects2018, , , journal articleFull Details
Understanding and Addressing Conflict-Related Violence Against Women2018briefing paper

Full Details
Gendering the Law of Occupation: The Case of Cyprus2018journal articleFull Details
Quick Guide to Ceasefire Arrangements2018briefing paperFull Details
, , Gender in political transition: Bougainville's peace process2018, , reportFull Details
Feminist Strategy in International Law: Understanding Its Legal, Normative and Political Dimensions2017articleFull Details
Political Commemoration: The Inclusion Dynamics of ‘Partisan Commemoration’2017, briefing paperFull Details
, Violent conflict, political settlement and intimate partner violence, Lessons from Northern Ireland2017, research reportFull Details
, Peacebuilding and transition in borderlands2017, reportFull Details
The Social Life of Policy Reports: Reporting as a Tool in the Transitional Justice Battlefield in Rwanda2017articleFull Details
, Substate Constitutions in Fragile and Conflict-affected Settings2017reportFull Details
The Oxford Handbook of Gender and Conflict2018, bookFull Details
‘Unsharing’ Sovereignty: g7+ and the Politics of International Statebuilding2017journal articleFull Details
Atrocity, Accountability, and Amnesty in a ‘Post-Human Rights World’?2017working paperFull Details
Justice Learning in Transition2017working paperFull Details
Dealing with displacement in Myanmar’s peace process2017, working paperFull Details
, , , Gender and Nepal’s transition from war2017, reportFull Details
The Southern Transitional Council: Implications on Yemen’s Peace Process2017journal articleFull Details
Toward a Comprehensive Solution? Yemen’s Two-Year Peace Process2017journal articleFull Details
, , , , Indigenous women and Colombia’s peace process2017, reportFull Details
Processing peace in Afghanistan2017reportFull Details
Gender and Conflict Analysis Toolkit for Peacebuilders2015, toolkitFull Details
Transitional Justice Grassroots Toolkit2016toolkitMore Details
Navigating Inclusion in Peace Settlements, Human Rights and the Creation of the Common Good2017, , , , , reportFull Details
, Conventions of Silence: Emotions and Knowledge Production in War-Affected Research Environments2016journal articleFull Details
Nepal Case Study2017briefing paperFull Details
Sri Lanka Case Study2017briefing paperFull Details
Burundi Case Study2017briefing paperFull Details
Egypt Case Study2017briefing paperFull Details
Contending with the Past: Transitional Justice and Political Settlement Processes2017book chapterFull Details
Justice, Rights and Equality: In Search of the Common Good in an Era of Transition2017working paperFull Details
The Concept of the Common Good2017working paperFull Details
Bosnia-Herzegovina Case Study2017briefing paperFull Details
Pathways to Post-Liberal Peace: Perspectives on the 'Common Good' in Peace and Statebuilding2017working paperFull Details
, Navigating Inclusion in Transitions from Conflict: The Formalised Political Unsettlement2017journal articleFull Details
, Two steps forward, one step back
The Nepal peace process
2017reportFull Details
, From cooperation to contention. Political unsettlement and farmer-pastoralist conflicts in Nigeria2017briefing paperFull Details
The Fabric of Transitional Justice: Binding Local and Global Political Settlements2017book chapterFull Details
Transitional Justice2017bookFull Details
, Moving Slowly to Regulate and Recognize: Human Rights Meets Intimate Partner Sexual Violence2016research paperFull Details
Gendering Political Settlements: Challenges and Opportunities2017journal articleFull Details
Political Settlement and the New Logic of Hybrid Self-determination2016bookFull Details
, The resilient state: new regulatory modes in international approaches to state building?2016journal articleFull Details
, ‘It’s not all about the land’: Land disputes and conflict in eastern Congo2016briefing paperFull Details
, Women, Conflict and Public Authority in the Congo2016, briefing paperFull Details
, The impact of war on Somali men and its effects onthe family, women and children2016, briefing paperFull Details
, Recycling Rebels? Demobilization in the Congo2016briefing paperFull Details
The Ebb and Flow of Stabilization in the Congo2016briefing paperFull Details
, Understanding Armed Group Proliferation in the Eastern Congo2015briefing paperFull Details
UN Review Processes: Politics and international state- and peacebuilding2016, briefing paperFull Details
Security Council Resolution 2242 (2015) on Women, Peace and Security: Summary of critical elements and progress2015briefing paperFull Details
Escalating Conflict in Burundi: The Challenges of Overcoming Radicalisation2016briefing paperFull Details
Law, Governance and Development: A Case Study of Women's Social Mobilisation and Transitional Justice2015briefing paperFull Details
Governance and Law: The Distinctive Context of Transitions from Conflict and its Consequences for Development Interventions2015, briefing paperFull Details
, Chronology of Peace Process and Peace Agreements between the Philippines and the National Democratic Front2015, briefing paperFull Details
, Chronology of Mindanao Peace Agreements2015, briefing paperFull Details
, , A chronology of Colombian Peace Processes and Peace Agreements2015, briefing paperFull Details
What we talk about when we talk about political settlements2015working paperFull Details
, , Toward a Framework of Transitional Justice in Israel/Palestine2015, working paperFull Details
Bargaining on Constitutions: Political Settlements and Constitutional State-building2017, journal articleFull Details
Letting off Steam: Interim Constitutions as a Safety Valve to the Pressure-Cooker of Transitions in Conflict-Affected States?2017, journal articleFull Details
Eternity Clauses in Post-Conflict and Post-Authoritarian Constitution-Making: Promise and Limits2017journal articleFull Details
The Alchemists: Courts as Democracy-Builders in Contemporary Thought2017, journal articleFull Details
Courting Peace: Judicial Review and Peace Jurisprudence2017, journal articleFull Details
The ‘war on terror’ and extremism: assessing the relevance of the Women, Peace and Security agenda2016journal articleFull Details
The Relationship of Political Settlement Analysis to Peacebuilding from a Feminist Perspective2016, journal articleFull Details
, Through the Looking Glass: Transitional Justice Futures through the Lens of Nationalism, Feminism and Transformative Change2015journal articleFull Details
International Law, the Scottish Independence Debate and Political Settlement in the UK2016, book chapterFull Details
Women at the Peace Table: The Gender Dynamics of Peace Negotiations2015, book chapterFull Details
Interim Constitutions in Post-Conflict Settings2014, reportFull Details
, Interim Constitutions: Peacekeeping and Democracy-Building Tools, Final Report2015, policy paperFull Details
Unsettling Bargains? Power-sharing and the Inclusion of Women in Peace Negotiations2015, reportFull Details
Text and Context: Evaluating Peace Agreements for their ‘Gender Perspective’2015, reportFull Details
We Have Lived Too Long To Be Deceived: South Sudanese Discuss the Lessons of Historic Peace Agreements2015, reportFull Details
A Microcosm of Militarization: Conflict, Governance, and Armed Mobilization in Uvira, South Kivu2016reportFull Details
, Civil Society, Conflict Transformation, and Peace Building – a Christian Aid Ireland Learning Paper2016, , , , , , , , , reportFull Details
Stabilization, Extraversions and Political Settlements in Somalia2016reportFull Details
, , , , Constitution-Building in Political Settlement Processes: The Quest for Inclusion2016, reportFull Details
, , Contesting Authority: Armed Rebellion and Military Fragmentation in Walikale and Kalehe, North and South Kivu2016reportFull Details
, , Peace, Power and inclusive change in Nepal: Political Settlements in Practice2016reportFull Details
International Gender Equality Norms and the Local Peacemaking Political Settlement2017, working paperFull Details
, Sequencing Peace Agreements and Constitutions in the Political Settlement Process2016, reportFull Details
, Good Fences Make Good Neighbours: Assessing the Role of Consociational Politics in Transitional Justice2016working paperFull Details
, Success and Failure of Political Settlements: Defining and Measuring Transformation2015working paperFull Details
Stable Instability: Political Settlements and Armed Groups in the Congo2016reportFull Details
Gendering the Law of Occupation2016, working paperFull Details
Symposium on the Colombian Peace Talks and International Law: Lex Pacificatoria Colombiana: Colombia’s Peace Accord in Comparative Perspective2016, journal articleFull Details