Building States while Building Peace? Statebuilding and Security Sector Reform in Peace Agreements


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Summary: This report uses ten variables coded in PA-X as proxies for the intended strength of statebuilding in peace agreements. These are references to political institutions, constitution’s affirmation, constitutional reform, elections, electoral commission, political parties reform, civil society, public administration, police reform, and armed forces reform. Analysing these ten variables provides an interesting and telling picture of what statebuilding is understood to involve, and how strong the commitments to it are, in single agreements, in peace processes, which usually consist of several separate agreements, and across peace process trajectories over time.

Key findings:

  • Statebuilding gets stronger after 1990, but declines after a peak in the first half of the 2000s
  • Statebuilding in Peace Agreements equals political institution building plus reforming the ‘hard’ security sector
  • Strong statebuilding efforts in peace agreements are most likely linked to power sharing

These findings are analysed in the report.

Keywords: PA-X database, Conflict, Statebuilding, Security Sector, Peace Agreements

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