Gender Mainstreaming in Ceasefires: Comparative Data and Examples

Citation: Forster, R. & Bell, C. (2019). (PA-X Report, Spotlight Series). Gender Mainstreaming in Ceasefires: Comparative Data and Examples. Edinburgh: Global Justice Academy, University of Edinburgh.

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This Spotlight addresses the questions:

When and how have ceasefire agreements in armed conflict addressed women? Why should ceasefires include gender-specific provisions? Finally, what are the potential strategies for including women in ceasefire monitoring and implementation modalities?


The PA-X Spotlight Series addresses questions regarding comparative peace processes, asked by those seeking to influence peace and transition processes to be more inclusive. Each Spotlight provides brief comparative material regarding a key issue, sometimes with reference to the specific context from which the question originated, and sometimes framed more generally. This Gender Series deals with questions posed by a range of actors in the MENA region, with reference to women’s meaningful participation as well as gender-sensitive and responsive approaches.


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