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Mind the Billboards: The Paradox of Paternalism in Burundi

Astrid Jamar continues her analysis of the prominence of aid billboards in Burundi and how these contribute to colonial continuities which in turn shape the public space and public authority in the East African country. She examines the text, logos and images displayed on the boards, which reveal the highly hierarchised but disorganised nature of […]

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Mind the Billboards: International Aid Conquering the Public Space in Burundi

Burundian roadsides often have prominent billboards displaying the name of aid projects.  Astrid Jamar discusses how these billboards dominate public space and shape public authority in ways that produce colonial continuities. Along with symbols of the regime, their physical presence in Burundian streets illustrate how paternalism and authoritarianism simultaneously shape public authority. Burundian roadsides are littered […]

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PSRP Event: Stabilization, Extraversion and Political Settlements in Somalia

Rift Valley Forum is launching a report by Tobias Hagmann ‘Stabilization, Extraversion and Political Settlements in Somalia.’

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