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Colombians’ Persistence in the Search for Peace: Interview with ‘Chocolate of Peace’ Producer

This blog post, by Nathalia Salamanca-Sarmiento, PhD Researcher – University of Edinburgh, presents an interview with Gwen Burnyeat, the producer and co-director of the documentary Chocolate of Peace. The discussion put in context the importance of ‘persistence’ in peace-building, considering that Colombia is now both implementing the peace agreement with FARC (an amended one was signed on 24th […]

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Colombia: the Missing Actor

This post by Kristian Herbolzheimer was first published by OpenDemocracy on 12 Septembre 2016. View the original blog on the OpenDemocracy website in English and in Spanish. This is the second of a series of blog posts related to the Colombian Peace Process. Today, the peace process in Colombia is the world’s main referent in peace-building. On September, 26, the Colombian government and the Revolutionary […]

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