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Transitional Justice Battlegrounds: Another Bad Week in Burundi

This blog post by Astrid Jamar, PSRP researcher, was first published by Justice in Conflict on 22 October 2016. It addresses the political context and recent developments in relations to transitional justice in Burundi. Transitional justice has been taken a number of worrying steps in Burundi. While the Truth and Reconciliation Commission is preparing for public hearings addressing crimes […]

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PSRP Researcher Presenting: Transitional Justice in Burundi: Practitioners’ Everyday Battles

Astrid Jamar will deliver a LLM Insight Seminar at the University of Edinburgh on transitional justice in Burundi.

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PSRP Researcher Presenting: The Transitional Justice Toolkit Approach in Burundi

Astrid Jamar will present as part of the panel ‘We Need to Talk about “Transitional Justice”: Idealism or Imperialism? Towards A Neo-Colonial Critique of Post-Conflict Trendy Ideology’ at the Law and Society Annual Meeting in New Orleans.

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