New UN Women PSRP gender brief series

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UN Women published five PSRP gender briefs on inclusive peace processes. The series supports women’s meaningful participation and the integration of gender perspectives in peace processes that aim to end violent intra-state conflict.

The main audience is women, gender equality advocates, and others engaged in peace processes, who wish to influence negotiations with a view to:

  1. addressing the particular experiences of women during conflict, and
  2. achieving lasting peace process outcomes that will improve women’s lives and the lives of those around them.

For more detail on each gender brief, including downloads in English and Arabic languages:

Christine Bell. Accessing Political Power: Women and Political Power-Sharing in Peace Processes

Jan Pospisil & Christine Bell. ‘Securing’ Peace: Women and Security Arrangements in Peace Processes

Astrid Jamar & Christine Bell. Transitional Justice and Peace Negotiations with a Gender Lens

Laura Wise & Christine Bell. Gaining Ground: Women and Territorial Power-Sharing in Peace Processes

Silvia Suteu & Christine Bell. Women, Constitution-Making and Peace Processes