New PSRP Research on Gender, Peace Processes and Political Settlements Published

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PSRP is delighted to announce the publication of its Special Issue in the online journal, feminists@law, on ‘Engendering Political Settlements’.

Volume 9, Number 1 (2019) of the journal is edited by PSRP researchers, Dr Catherine O’Rourke and Dr Jessica Doyle of the Transitional Justice Institute. The Special Issue includes papers from throughout the consortium, drawing together empirical, theoretical and methodological innovations of the PSRP to identify and disseminate the most significant of the gender research theme findings. The issue includes an editorial by Catherine O’Rourke and six further articles.

Professor Christine Bell and Dr Kevin McNicholl (Edinburgh Law School), contributed the article ‘Principled Pragmatism and the ‘Inclusion Project’: Implementing a Gender Perspective in Peace Agreements’:

UN Security Council Resolution 1325 of 2000 provided that peace agreements should adopt a ‘gender perspective’. T his commitment has been reiterated in women, peace and security resolutions since that time. This article uses a mixed qualitative and quantitative analysis to consider when and how peace agreements have adopted a gender perspective, using a new PA-X peace agreement database to analyse over 1500 peace and transition agreements from between 1990 and 2016.

The piece has since been picked up in The Times (cover image) and The Scotsman on 5 March 2019:

Clipping from The Scotsman, 5 March 2019