New video: seven tactics for women to influence stalled peace processes

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The PSRP has produced a video with UN Women exploring the strategies women can use to influence stalled peace processes.

The video is based on a forthcoming PA-X Spotlight Series report, ‘Re-invigorating Stalled Peace Negotiations: Challenges and Opportunities for Women’s Inclusion’, which will be published later this month. The report addresses questions such as: When formal peace negotiations stall or break down, how do international mediators and other diplomatic efforts attempt to reinvigorate them? What challenges and opportunities do these efforts create for women and women’s rights advocates?

The Spotlight report and video are part of the PSRP’s project with UN Women, ‘Enhancing Women’s Leadership for Sustainable Peace in Fragile Contexts in the MENA Region’, which supports UN Women’s endeavours to contribute to building sustainable peace in the MENA region by strengthening women’s leadership and participation in high level peace and transition processes.

Watch the video now in Arabic and Arabic with English subtitles.