In their own words: PSRP work-based placement leads to prestigious internship

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The Political Settlements Research Programme is proud to offer opportunities for students to complete work-based placements during their studies at the University of Edinburgh. In this post, LLM graduate Margherita Distrotti outlines the work she did with the PSRP in 2019, and how working with the programme has built knowledge and skills that have helped her move into a prestigious internship after graduation.

I am Margherita Distrotti; in 2019, I graduated with an LLM in Human Rights from the University of Edinburgh after having completed a work-based placement at the Political Settlements Research Programme.

During my time at PSRP, I conducted research on the Human Rights implications of local peace agreements in Kenya and Somalia. I also had the opportunity to participate in workshops and meetings gathering experts in the field. Through this experience, I became increasingly interested in learning more about peacebuilding and conflict prevention, particularly in Central and Eastern Africa. For this reason, in September 2019, I started a Master’s in International Security with African Studies Concentration at Sciences Po PSIA in Paris.

I have now almost completed the first year of the Masters and at the end of the month I will start an internship with the Central Africa Programme of International Crisis Group. ICG works across the world to provide independent analysis and advice on conflict management and prevention.

Having interacted with academics and practitioners working in the field motivated me to keep applying for internships and pursue the goal of gaining further experience in the sector. At the same time, my experience at PSRP allowed me to develop conflict analysis skills as well as the ability to work with a variety of different sources with which I had no familiarity before, such as local peace agreements. These skills will be valuable for my future work.