Conflict, Peace & Covid-19 Nexus

In this theme we are researching how the Covid-19 pandemic, and responses to it, are affecting peace and transition processes in some of the world’s most protracted conflicts.

The research will look at three dimensions of the nexus between conflict, peace, and Covid-19, including the effects of the pandemic on peace and transition processes; PeaceTech, tracking data, and the UN ceasefire call; and regional responses to Covid-19.

PSRP is part of the FCDO-funded Covid Collective research platform, which commissions urgent research to help tackle the social, political and economic impact of the pandemic.

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  • How are Covid-19 and pandemic responses affecting prospects for successful mediation among conflict actors at national and local levels, particularly in South Sudan, Yemen, and Syria?
  • How is the UN Global Ceasefire call being received and taken up? What other conflict-related issues are health interventions are having to navigate, and with what consequences for political trust in both health providers and political leaders?
  • How are new limitations on international support for peace processes affecting the response of regional organisations in the conflict and health realms?