Ceasefires: Transitioning from Violent Conflict

How is violence and coercion used as tool for pressing claims for inclusion or ensuring exclusion of others?  Political settlement analysis tends to understand violence / conflict as a tool used to coerce those outside the settlement to adhere to the rules of the game, or as a means by which those outside the settlement try to disrupt or re-organise the political settlement.  However, our research suggests that conflict and the threat of violence is an ongoing part of the bargaining of the political settlement, rather than a pre-settlement condition or symptom. We examine how state and non-state actors use violent conflict to attain credibility, legitimacy and exercise public authority, and we examine how armed actors move in and out of violence. More…


  • What is the relationship between violent armed conflict and political bargaining processes?
  • How do peace processes aimed at inclusion of armed actors change the terms of the political settlement?
  • How do armed groups function, maintain loyalties, and use violence as a tool of political bargaining?
  • How do forms of violence against women change over time, with what consequences for their inclusion in public life?