Programme Students

Meet the students who are affiliated to the Programme

Jeremy Armon

Jeremy Armon is reading for a PhD at the University of Edinburgh. His thesis is titled ‘Leadership Succession and the Politics of Development: a comparative study of Ethiopia, Rwanda and Uganda 2012-17’, and he is supervised by Dr Sara Rich Dorman and Dr Sarah Vaughan.

Megan Bastick

Megan Bastick is reading for a PhD at Edinburgh Law School. Her thesis is titled ‘Military Responses to Sexual Violence in Armed Conflict’ and is supervised by Christine Bell and Claire Duncanson.

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Hannah den Boer

Hannah den Boer is currently a Research Assistant for Kathryn Nash on a project on responses by intergovernmental organisations in the Global South to the COVID-19 outbreak. She is currently also assisting Laura Wise and Sanja Badanjak on a research project on the implications of ceasefires called as a result of COVID-19. Hannah recently completed her MSc in International Development at the University of Edinburgh.

Johanna Rodehau-Noack

Johanna Rodehau-Noack is reading for a PhD in International Relations at the London School of Economics. Her work is on the role of norms in political marketplaces and political settlements.