PSRP Country Summary: Afghanistan

The Political Settlements Research Programme is working on a number of initiatives and publications relating to inclusive peace making and sustainable peace in Afghanistan, including digital platforms for peace, data visualisations, publications, and blogs. To learn more, browse our key outputs on Afghanistan below.

Key PSRP Publications & Resources

Report: Navigating inclusion in peace processes (PSRP Report, Accord) (Mar 2019)

In addressing some of the practical challenges of navigating inclusion in peace processes, Andy Carl structures this publication around three areas of enquiry:
1. Frameworks for understanding inclusion in peace processes
2. Inclusion in practice in national peace processes – with ‘deep dive’ case studies of Colombia and Nepal
3. Inclusion in practice in sub- and supra-national peace processes – with case studies on Turkey, the Democratic Republic of Congo, Syria and Afghanistan.


Report: Accord: Incremental Peace in Afghanistan (Jun 2018)

In this report, Anna Larson and Alexander Ramsbotham outline a radical new approach to move beyond the peace rhetoric in Afghanistan through a phased process that pursues two objectives: 1) short-term – to achieve a reduction in violence; and 2) long-term – to achieve a more broadly inclusive social contract representative of all Afghans. Contributions to this Accord publication offer a unique compilation of experiences and insights by Afghan and international men and women from academia, the military, government, armed opposition and civil society.



Journal Article: India in South Asia: Interaction with Liberal Peacebuilding Projects (Apr 2018)

In fragile and conflict-affected States (henceforth FCAS) in South Asia, two distinct forms of international engagement have worked simultaneously—the engagement of India, the regional hegemon, and that of Western states that promote liberal peacebuilding projects. In this article, Monalisa Adhikari primarily argues that in order for India to play a constructive role in the region, it needs to devise a policy on how it engages with liberal peacebuilding norms and its diffusion in practice through a variety of organisational and institutional networks.



Report: Processing peace in Afghanistan (2017)

In this report, Anna Larson summarises discussions from a workshop to explore priorities for peace in Afghanistan. It looks at six key themes: peacemaking in perspective; terminology; inclusion – distributing power, considering costs; understanding divisions; re-centring the regional stage; and processing peace.