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Conflict, Development, and Covid-19 Resources

Read our list of blogs and other resources addressing the Covid-19 pandemic from the perspective of conflict-affected states.

In their own words: PSRP work-based placement leads to prestigious internship

LLM graduate Margherita Distrotti outlines her work-based placement with the PSRP, and how working with the programme has built knowledge and skills that have helped her move into a prestigious internship after graduation.

Entry Points for Conflict Transformation in the MENA Region

PSRP Research Associate Juline Beaujean co-organized a workshop with the Berghof Foundation to discuss potential for conflict transformation with Salafi-Jihadi groups in the MENA region.

Planet Earth wearing a face mask

COVID-19 and Violent Conflict

PSRP’s Programme Director, Christine Bell, writes about designing the most effective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in impoverished, conflict-affected regions.


Read our statement on how we are handling our work during this time.

UN soldiers trying out new peacekeeing uniforms.

Peacekeeping in a New Conflict Resolution Age

Today we launch two pieces on peacekeeping, relating to political settlement and inclusion. In different ways both point to the new global marketplace of political change.

Conflict data infographic

New interactive infographics now live

Our new series of infographics illustrate our research into 30 years of peace processes around the world. Downloadable PDF versions are also available in English and Arabic.

Introducing PA-X Peace Agreements Database, Version 3

The PA-X Peace Agreements Database now covers all of 2019, with a new suite of visualisations showing the full variety of peace agreements across time, space, and issues of contention.

New report uses PA-X data to envision a peace agreement for Afghanistan

The RAND Corporation has published a new research report which presents a plausible final comprehensive peace agreement for Afghanistan, based in part on data from the PSRP’s PA-X Peace Agreements Database.