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Yemen’s Response to COVID-19: Part II

The second of a three-part series examines the ways that Yemeni communities have dealt with a number of health crises prior to the arrival of COVID-19 and considers the current condition and development of Yemen’s health system. It also considers the potential role of tribes as influential local actors who have a history of supporting communities, and the possibility of tribes guiding community responses to COVID-19. 

Yemen’s Response to COVID-19: Part I

In the first of a three-part series, Raiman Al-Hamdani and Rob Wilson examine Yemeni governance systems and how these local networks are likely to be central in responding to COVID-19.

Towards a greater role of the civil society in conflict settlement in Syria after Covid-19?

Juline Beaujouan and Eyas Ghreiz describe some of the challenges for civil society in rebel-held areas of Syria during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Cooperation in Latin America: Responses to COVID-19 expose existing cracks in regional infrastructure

Hannah den Boer sets out the response by regional organisations in Latin America to the Covid-19 crisis and asks what this means for regionalism in the bloc.

Data reveals effect of coronavirus pandemic on war and peace around the world

The Covid-19 pandemic has not paused conflict around the world – despite calls for a global ceasefire, researchers have found. But there are positive movements that could be built on, backed by a new UN Security Council Resolution. The data comes from a new digital tracking tool jointly developed by the Political Settlements Research Programme at the University of Edinburgh.

UN Security Council calls for Covid-19 ceasefires

The UN Security Council has called for a humanitarian ceasefire in response to the Covid-19 pandemic.