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Peace agreements with a gender perspective are still an exception, not the rule

Two decades after the UN called on all peace process actors to adopt a gender perspective, but amidst an unpreceded challenge to women’s rights globally under the Covid-19 pandemic, how did peace agreements provide for women, girls and gender in 2020, and what does this tell us about the trajectory of the women, peace and security agenda?

Research boosts role of women in peace processes 

A report launched to mark International Women’s Day offers new guidance for women working in peace keeping processes in Iraq, Libya, Syria and Yemen.

New book examines women’s rights in conflict

A new book examines how institutions and regimes interact to protect women’s rights in conflict. Written by Dr Catherine O’Rourke of the Transitional Justice Institute at the University of Ulster, the book uses case studies to reveal the implications of the fragmented protection of women’s rights in conflict.

Holding the UN Security Council Accountable for WPS Agenda Commitments

A new guide examines how civil society and activists can ensure that the Women, Peace and Security (WPS) Agenda is included in UN Security Council resolutions.

Founding Women dialogue: perspectives from women constitution makers (video)

International IDEA and the Political Settlements Research Programme hosted the first annual Women Constitution Makers Dialogue in Edinburgh in October 2019. In a new video, participants share their experiences of navigating gender and social transformation and discuss the importance of women’s participation in constitution building.