Conflict and Covid-19 Resource Hub

We are curating a of blogs and resources addressing the COVID-19 pandemic from the perspective of conflict-affected areas. To add a resource, please email You can also subscribe via email for updates on COVID-19 resources and wider PSRP news. Read more about the PSRP’s research on the Covid-19-conflict-peace nexus.

NEW: COVID-19 Conflict & Resilience Monitor – ACCORD
Weekly analysis focused on the impact of the pandemic on conflict in Africa.

NEW: Ceasefires in a Time of Covid-19 (CV-19 Ceasefires Tracker) – Political Settlements Research Programme
A digital tracking tool to examine the consequences of the coronavirus outbreak on peace processes and armed conflict across the world. It monitors the progress of ceasefires alongside live data on infection rates in country, and can be viewed in a timeline format, a search browse format, and an interactive map format.

Coronavirus Knowledge Hub – Frontiers
Coronavirus Knowledge Hub for the latest science on SARS-CoV-2 and COVID-19.

Finding Humanity Podcast: critical conversations with The Elders – The Elders
Finding Humanity is a new podcast series which explores the need for empathetic and principled leadership in the time of COVID-19.

CSPPS’ article series on the impact of COVID-19 on peace and conflict in local settings – Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS)
The series of articles focuses on the wider implications COVID-19 may have on the (in)stability of already fragile nations, providing the perspective of local civil society organisations working towards peacebuilding and statebuilding.

Covid-19 response governance mapping initiative – University of Edinburgh
A collaborative project documenting responses to Covid-19 around the world.

Coronavirus Reports, News, Commentaries and Letters by Human Rights Watch
Collection of country-specific and general reports, commentaries, news releases, etc. concerning COVID-19’s implications for Human Rights.

COVID-19 and its human rights dimensions – OHCHR
Collection of OHCHR produced documents relating to Covid-19 and Human Rights, incl. speeches, statements, press releases, and briefings.

Protection and COVID-19 – Global Protection Cluster
Info-hub collecting resources and information on the situation of those in need of protection as a result of conflict, disasters and climate change, and their inclusion in national and local COVID-19 preparedness, prevention and response activities. GPC also produces regular COVID-19 Protection Risks & Responses Situation Reports.

Symposium on COVID-19 and International Law – Barrie Sander & Jason Rudall (eds), Opinio Juris
Symposium of over 30 contributions, of which many question whether international law, or its failure, is complicit in the COVID-19 crisis. Others ask how international law can or should respond to the pandemic.

Perspectives on a Pandemic: COVID-19 Analysis from CIC – NYU Center on International Cooperation
Regularly updated collection of articles, blog posts, and policy papers on COVID-19 by the CIC.

COVID-19 Response and Resources by the Alliance for Peacebuilding (AfP)
Collection of resources (incl. blogs and webinars) on AfP members involved in COVID-19 responses, who are helping mitigate the crisis and protect the world’s most vulnerable populations.

COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19)
The Allen Institute for AI has partnered with leading research groups to prepare and distribute the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), a free resource of over 51,000 scholarly articles, including over 40,000 with full text, about COVID-19 and the coronavirus family of viruses for use by the global research community.

COVID-DEM Infohub – How is COVID-19 affecting democracy? – Democratic Decay
Long-form academic research
COVID-DEM’s aim is to help democracy analysts worldwide track, compile, and share information on how State responses to COVID-19 are impacting on democratic governance.

Mobility Restrictions COVID-19 – IOM
Portal that maps and monitors types of travel restrictions imposed by countries.

Coronavirus & Civic Space – ICLN
Resources and information on how international law provides a framework to uphold human rights during crisis response.

COVID-19 Community Mobility Reports – Google
See how your community is moving around differently due to COVID-19.

Global Protest Tracker – The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
A one-stop source for following crucial trends in the most significant antigovernment protests worldwide that now also monitors global protests in times of COVID-19.

Coronavirus and Global Disorder analysis resources – The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace
Carnegie experts offer analysis on the political, economic, and geostrategic effects of the global pandemic.

Life with Corona
Charitable open access citizen science project that collects data to allow a comprehensive insight into daily life during the pandemic.

COVID-19 Map – Johns Hopkins University

COVID-19 Civic Freedom Tracker – ICLN, ECLN, UN Special Rapporteur Fionnuala D. Ní Aoláin

Oxford COVID-19 Government Response Tracker – University of Oxford

#COVID19 – A global joint response (resources) – ACAPS

COVID-19 – Government measures (dataset) – ACAPS

COVID-19 AND PERSONS DEPRIVED OF LIBERTY  INFORMATION HUB – Association for the Prevention of Torture

Tracking the Global Response to COVID-19 – Privacy International

Country Policy Tracker – OECD

Understanding the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic through data – World Bank

COVID-19 Disorder Tracker – ACLED

NEW: COVID-19 Conflict & Resilience Monitor – 26 August 2020 – ACCORD

A great and sudden change: The Global Political Violence Landscape Before and After the Covid-19 Pandemic – ACLED

Skin in the Game: A Radical Rethink of Conflict Resolution – Marika Sosnowski, Australian Institute of International Affairs

Act Now on ‘Localisation’: COVID-19 Implications for Funding to Local Peacebuilding – Conducive Space for Peace

Data reveals effect of coronavirus pandemic on war and peace around the world – Political Settlements Research Programme

Covid-19: a watershed moment for collective approaches to community engagement? – Oliver Lough, Kerrie Holloway, ODI

Will the Coronavirus Fuel Conflict? – Jonathan D. Moyer, Oliver Kaplan, Foreign Policy

Without face-to-face meetings, what does peace building look like during COVID-19? – Amy Lieberman, Devex

COVID-19 and conflict: Is peace the cure? – Mike Young, International Alert (Impakter)

CSPPS Statement: A Whole-of-Society, Conflict-Sensitive Response to COVID-19 – Civil Society for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding

Making Sure Peace Isn’t a Casualty of COVID-19 in Fragile States – Céline Monnier, Habib Mayar, World Politics Review

Local Ownership of Peace Processes in African Countries in Times of Covid-19 – Tarila Marclint Ebiede, African Arguments

Is the International Community Missing an Opportunity To Advance Peace? – Tyler Beckelman, USIP

Adaptive peacebuilding: supporting community coronavirus responses – Conciliation Resources

Conflict in the time of coronavirus – Pauline Chetcuti, Sarah Pelham, Mathew Truscott, Fionna Smyth, Oxam

COVID-19 and Health Systems: Responding to Unpredictable Predictability – Liz Grant, Yina Lizeth Garcia-Lopez and Christine Bell, Just Security

How covid-19 gave peace a chance, and nobody took it – The Economist

COVID-19: working appropriately with dying, death, and burial practices

A Global Call: Will COVID-19 bring more peace to the world? –

Is there a Responsibility to Protect the world from pandemics? – Thomas Peak, Centre for Geopolitics

A dangerous cocktail: Coronavirus and war – Orly Stern

Fear of a fragile planet – Naomi Hossain, Institute of Development Studies

Violence imperils coronavirus response in conflict zones around the world – Danielle Paquette, Susannah George and Sudarsan Raghavan, The Washington Post

COVID-19 Symposium: COVID-19 in Conflict-Affected Areas–Armed Groups as Part of a Global Solution – Marcos D. Kotlik and Ezequiel Heffes, Opinio Juris

COVID-19: Four ways peacebuilders can respond – Rebeca Crozier, International Alert

COVID-19 and conflicts: Views from peacebuilders – Margot Jones, EPLO

Coronavirus in Conflict Zones: A Sobering Landscape – The Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
A compilation of a dozen country analysis considering the consequences coronavirus will have on conflict-affected countries.

Coronavirus in conflict:The fight has hardly begun – Eleanor Gordon, Florence Carrot, The Interpreter

(EVENT) Coronavirus and Conflict: The Security Sector Response – USIP

The role of community peacebuilders in a pandemic: what we learnt from the Ebola crisis – Janet Adama Mohammed, Conciliation Resources

Responding to COVID-19: The Need for Conflict Sensitivity – Céline Monnier, NYU CIC

COVID-19 and the impact on local peacebuilding – Conducive Space for Peace, Humanity United, Peace Direct

COVID-19 and the toxic politics of exploitation – Louisa Waugh, Saferworld

Peace building in the time of Coronavirus – Michael Keating, EIP

How is COVID playing out in Fragile and Conflict Affected Settings? – Duncan Green, From Poverty to Power

Covid-19 and Violent Conflict: Responding to Predictable Unpredictability – Christine Bell, Political Settlements Research Programme (Just Security)

COVID-19 in Africa: “Know your Epidemic, Act on its Politics.” – Alex de Waal, LSE

The Impact of COVID-19 on Global Peace Operations – Cedric de Coning (IPI Global Observatory)

Covid-19 and Conflict: Seven Trends to Watch – Crisis Group

Conflict and peace scenarios in times of conflict

Dan Smith, SPRI Director, Covid-19-Conflict YouTube Analysis

CRP Update on Covid-19 in DRC, Iraq, Somalia, South Sudan, and Syria – Conflict Research Programme

Richard Gowan about the consequences of Coronavirus for peacekeeping

Dealing with Covid-19 in Conflict Zones Needs A Different Approach Katie Peters & Sherine El Taraboulsi-McCarthy, ODI (Thomson Reuters Foundation News)

Could coronavirus lead to a “positive peace”? – Rachel Scott, UNDP

Conflict and peace scenarios in times of COVID-19 – Juan Garrigues, CIDOB

COVID-19: One War that Must Be Fought – DPPA

Peace and Pandemics: How COVID-19 will impact violence and what we can do about it – Rachel Locke

COVID-19: Building a more peaceful world from a global crisis – Jessie Banfield, International Alert

Militancy in Lake Chad and Mozambique, COVID-19 in Gaza and Syria: The Cheat Sheet – The New Humanitarian

Yemen floods, Myanmar information bans, and COVID-19 disruption (nearly) everywhere: The Cheat Sheet – The New Humanitarian

The Coronavirus Could Topple Governments Around the World – Nic Cheeseman, Foreign Policy

What is SSR going to look like after Covid19? – Viola Csordas, DCAF-ISSAT

Corona-PeaceLab: How Do We Need to Adapt Crisis Prevention and Peacebuilding? – PeaceLab

COVID-19: Peacebuilders aren’t the side dish. We’re the delivery service – Mike Jobbins, Medium

Peace First Launches Rapid Response Grants to Address COVID-19 – Peace First

Unity-Separatist issues

Devolved Spain Struggles for Unity Against Coronavirus


The World Health Organization and Pandemic Politics – David P. Fidler, Think Global Health


NEW Social Contracts: A Pathway for More Inclusive Societies – Erin McCandless, NYU CIC

NEW Supporting Resilient Social Contracts in Times of Crisis: Emerging Lessons from COVID-19 – Erin McCandless, University of Witwatersrand

‘Just one case’: fears coronavirus may spread like wildfire in world’s refugee camps – Reuters

Fragility and Pandemics: Finding the right equation to steer action – Rachel Locke

After the pandemic: How will COVID-19 transform global health and development? – Michael Igoe, Vince Chadwick, Devex

The Coronavirus is a Call To Build Resilience in Fragile States – Nancy Lindborg, USIP

The Covid-19 pandemic in the eyes of a Rohingya – Rashid Mubarak, Asia Times

Broadcast: Fears for world’s largest refugee settlement as Coronavirus draws closer – BBC World Service Newshour

Global Health Security – COVID-19 & Humanitarian Response: Leave No-One Behind – Alistair D. B. Cook, RSiS

Coronavirus and aid: what we’re watching – New Humanitarian

Q&A: WHO’s Mike Ryan on how countries in crisis can perpare for a coronavirus epidemic – New Humanitarian

How You Can Protect Your Community, Not Just Your Own HealthOeindrila Dube and , NY Times

Protecting African Garment Industry from Covid Fallout?

Public health experts: Coronavirus could overwhelm the developing world – Anthony FaiolaSudarsan RaghavanMax Bearak and Terrence McCoy, The Washington Post

From cholera to corona: The politics of plagues in Africa – Simukai Chigudu, Africa Is a Country

Roma: Europe’s Neglected Coronavirus Victims – Stephan Müller, Fikrija Tair, Bashkim Ibishi and Dragan Gracanin, Reporting Democracy

Ceasefires in a Time of Covid-19 (CV-19 Ceasefires Tracker) – Political Settlements Research Programme

COVID-19: A Sustainable Ceasefire Means No More “Business as Usual” – Ray Acheson, WILPF

Call Unanswered: A Review of Responses to the UN Appeal for a Global Ceasefire – Adam Miller, ACLED

The Strategic Use of Ceasefires in the Coronavirus Crisis – Siri Aas Rustad, Fredrik Methi, Håvard Mokleiv Nygård & Govinda Clayton, PRIO

“Corona Ceasefires”: An Opportunity for Negotiated Agreements? – Asli Ozcelik Olcay, Just Security

Ceasefires in the Time of COVID-19 – , , , and

The U.N. has appealed for a global coronavirus cease-fire – But is it possible to quarantine conflict? – Govinda Clayton, Washington Post

Update on the Secretary General’s Appeal for A Global Ceasefire

Coronavirus: ceasefires and resolutions in project at UN

Calling for a global ceasefire – GPPAC

Ceasefires in Armed Conflicts during the Coronavirus Pandemic – ECP, Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona

Ceasefire Arrangements – Political Settlements Research Programme
When and how are ceasefires negotiated, and what are their critical elements? The Spotlight reviews core elements included in the 267 ceasefire agreements signed between 1990 and 2015 listed on the PA-X Peace Agreements Database.

Gender Mainstreaming in Ceasefires: Comparative Data and Examples – Political Settlements Research Programme
When and how have ceasefire agreements in armed conflict addressed women? Why should ceasefires include gender-specific provisions? Finally, what are the potential strategies for including women in ceasefire monitoring and implementation modalities?

Humanitarian Assistance and Gender Perspectives in Peace Agreements – Political Settlements Research Programme
When and how do peace processes provide for humanitarian assistance? Do peace agreements that provide for humanitarian assistance adopt a gender perspective?


NEW: Women, peace and a pandemic: Translating gender provisions in peace deals into peaceful and inclusive societies during the COVID-19 outbreak – Jenaina Irani and Agnieszka Fal-Dutra Santos, Global Network of Women Peacebuilders

COVID-19 and conflict: Advancing women’s meaningful participation in ceasefires and peace processes – UN Women Policy Brief

Why COVID-19 is a call to action for gender equality and peace – Gabriel Nuckhir and Elizabeth Laruni, International Alert

COVID-19: a double burden for women in conflict settings – Njoki Kinyanjui, LSE WPS

Covid-19 and Gender-based Violence in Conflict: New Challenges and Persistent Problems – Catherine O’Rourke, TJI/Political Settlements Research Programme

ICAN’s Statement on our Gender- and Conflict-Sensitive Response to COVID-19 – International Civil Society Action Network

Why Women’s Rights Must be Central to the UN Security Council’s Response to COVID-19 – NGO Working Group on Women, Peace and Security

Gender implications of COVID-19 outbreaks in development and humanitarian settings – Care

Research Report: Impact of COVID-19 Pandemic on Violence against Women and Girls – Erika Fraser, DFID VAWG

COVID-19: Emerging gender data and why it matters – UN Women

Why we need gender perspectives in our global solutions to COVID-19 – Claire Dowling, EIP

Women Peace and Security in the Time of Corona – Sanam Naraghi Anderlini, LSE Centre for Women, Peace and Security (Women Peace and Security blog)

Waging a war against a virus is not what we need to be doing – Cynthia Enloe, WILPF

Women in Bangladesh promote hygiene in refugee camps amid coronavirus fears – Thomson Reuters Foundation News

Covid-19: Militarise or Organise? – Ray Acheson, Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom

Pandemics in Crisis-Affected Settings: Ensuring Women & Girls Are Not Forgotten – Alina Potts, GIWPS

Gendering COVID-19: Implications for Women, Peace and Security – Sini Ramo, LSE

Using Graphics to Cut Through Covid’s Complexity – Heather Marquette, From Poverty to Power

On Covid-19 Social Science can save lives: where do we start? – Heather Marquette, From Poverty to Power

Impact evaluations in the time of Covid-19, Part 1 – Markus Goldstein, Florence Kondylis, World Bank
More relevant World Bank blogs about alternative ways of collecting data and conducting evaluations include: Dialing for Data: The Story of a High Frequency Phone Survey in Liberia (Kristen Himelein), and Calling it in: using phones for repeat surveys (Markus Goldstein).

COVID-19 – the social science response to the pandemic – IDS

Covid-19 – a social phenomenon requiting diverse expertise – Hayley Macgregor, Melissa Leach, Annie Wilkinson, and Melissa Parker, Institute of Development Studies (IDS blog)

Fill the gaps, feel the pain: Insights from Sierra Leone on an epidemic’s impact on local taxation, public services, and the poor – Vanessa van den Boogaard, International Centre for Tax and Development (ICTD blog)


NEW: Sunset Clauses in historical and contemporary usage – Sean Molloy, Prospect Magazine

NEW: Human Rights in Africa in the Context of Covid-19 – Sean Molloy, I-CONnect

NEW: Why Preventing and Countering Violent Extremism Law and Practice Is Failing a Human Rights Audit – Fionnuala Ní Aoláin, Just Security
Not directly Covid-19 related, but implicates counter-terrorism strategy which is closely bound up with states of emergency that have seen a rise during the Covid-19 pandemic.

COVID-19 and its human rights dimensions – OHCHR
Collection of OHCHR produced documents relating to Covid-19 and Human Rights, incl. speeches, statements, press releases, and briefings, as e.g. “Housing, the front line defence against the COVID-19 outbreak,” says UN expert and COVID-19: States should not abuse emergency measures to suppress human rights – UN experts.

Press Statement of the African Commission on Human & Peoples’ Rights on the Coronavirus (COVID-19) crisis – ACHPR

We must respect human rights and stand united against the coronavirus pandemic – Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe

Persons with disabilities must not be left behind in the response to the COVID-19 pandemic – Commissioner for Human Rights, Council of Europe

Disability considerations during the COVID-19 outbreak – WHO

Symposium on COVID-19 and International Law – Barrie Sander & Jason Rudall (eds), Opinio Juris
Symposium of over 30 contributions, of which many question whether international law, or its failure, is complicit in the COVID-19 crisis. Others ask how international law can or should respond to the pandemic. Many focus on human rights.

Law in the Time of COVID-19: the Coronavirus Act 2020 – Naina Patel, Blackstone Chambers

Beating Covid-19: The problem with national lockdowns – Martin J. Bull, LSE Blog

Governing global health emergencies: the role of criminalization – Kristin Bergtora Sandvik, Intlawgrrls

Disability, coronavirus and international human rights – Oliver Lewis, Dought Street Chambers

Should Human Rights Matter in a Pandemic? – Leah Bordlee, Journal of Diplomacy

Respecting Human Rights While Protecting Public Health – Jenny Vaughan and Kelly Scott, Business for Social Responsibility

Location Surveillance to Counter COVID-19: Efficacy Is What Matters – Susan Landau, Lawfare Blog

The Corona Virus Bill and Human Rights – Sanchita Hosali, The British Institute of Human Rights

Hungary’s Viktor Orbán now rules by decree in troubling example of how coronavirus fear enables authoritarians to tighten their grip – Umut Korkut, The Conversation

COVID-19 and the European Convention on Human Rights – Kanstantsin Dzehtsiarou, Strasbourg Observers

State of emergency: how different countries are invoking extra powers to stop the coronavirus – Alan Greene, The Conversation

States should declare a State of Emergency using Article 15 ECHR to confront the Coronavirus Pandemic – Alan Greene, Strasbourg Observers

Coronavirus: States Derogating to Suspend Human Rights Obligations – Natasha Holcroft-Emmess, Oxford Human Rights Hub

COVID-19: Finding Comfort in Respecting Rights and Protecting the Most Vulnerable – Natalia Linos, Health and Human Rights Journal

Why Detaining Migrants Amid The Covid-19 Outbreak Is Gambling With Lives – Harvey Slade, Each Other

Rights in a time of quarantine – an extended look by Niall Coghlan – UK Human Rights Blog

Human rights and equality considerations in responding to the coronavirus pandemic – David Isaac, Equality and Human Rights Commission

Coronavirus: the effect on human rights – Amnesty International

Coronavirus: beyond human rights – Koldo Casla, Open Democracy

Part I: Due Diligence and COVID-19: States’ Duties to Prevent and Halt the Coronavirus Outbreak – Antonio Coco and Talita de Souza Dias, EJIL

Pandemics and Human Rights – Doug Rutzen and Nikhil Dutta, Just Security

The Coronavirus Conundrum and Human Rights – Neve Gordon and Catherine Rottenberg, Counterpunch

How is Covid-19 impacting Human Rights? – Lutz Ozette, SOAS Blog

Do the containment measures taken by Italy in relation to COVID-19 comply with human rights law? – Alessandra Spadaro, EJIL Blog

What’s at Stake for Truth, Trust, and Democracy? – Alicia Ely Yamin and Roojin Habibi, Health and Human Rights Journal

Explainer: Seven ways the coronavirus affects human rights – Amnesty International

COVID-19: A Human Rights Checklist – Human Rights Watch

NEW: Switching to all-postal voting in times of public health crises: Lessons from Poland – International IDEA

Global overview of COVID-19: Impact on elections (regularly updated) – International IDEA

A First Step Toward Reform: Ending Burundi’s Forced Contribution System – Crisis Group
This is a pre-COVID-19 analysis but serves to understand current electoral dynamics which may be impacted by the pandemic. Crisis Group is following up on the implications COVID-19 has on this and other situations.

Elections and COVID-19 – International IDEA


For more sources on the impact of COVID-19 on civil society space please also see the sections on ‘Human Rights’ and ‘Emergency Legislation and States of Emergency’.

NEW: Fighting COVID-19, Building Peace – What Local Peacebuilders say about COVID-19, Civic Space, Fragility and Drivers of Conflict – Civil Society Platform for Peacebuilding and Statebuilding (CSPPS)

Civil Society and the Coronavirus: Dynamism Despite Disruption – Saskia Brechenmacher, Thomas Carothers, Richard Youngs, Carnegie Endowment for Peace

COVID-19 and Community Responses – Scott Guggenheim, NYU CIC

Prisons, prisoner release and COVID-19 – An outlined approach to COVID-19 prisoner release, and prison-related issues, reflecting collective thinking.

As Pandemic Rages, Sri Lanka’s President Pardons a War Criminal Maria Abi-Habib and

We need to decongest Africa’s prisons urgently. For everyone’s sake. – Sabrina Mahtani, African Arguments

UN, EU, US Welcome Release, Exchange of Prisoners in E. Ukraine – VOA news

COVID-19 and Persons Deprived of Liberty Information Hub – Association for the Prevention of Torture

Sources for multiple country-specific and region-specific reports

NEW: Covid-19 in Africa: the spread and response – This piece in Nature Medicine examines how the lessons learned thus far can be consolidated to effectively curb the spread of COVID-19 while minimizing social disruption and negative humanitarian and economic consequences.

African Regional Responses to COVID-19 – ecdpm discussion paper by Alfonso Medinilla, Bruce Byiers and Philomena Apiko.

Responding to Covid-19: the Coming of Age of Regionalism in Asia? – Political Settlements Research Programme (PSRP) Research Assistant, Monalisa Adhikari sets out the response by regional organisations in South and Southeast Asia to the Covid-19 crisis and asks what this means for Asian regionalism.

Regional Responses to COVID-19 in Africa – responses from African continental and regional organisations, curated by Tralac.

Afropessimism and the Handling of Covid-19 in Africa – Esnala Banda explores three theories that help reckon with the global assumption that the African continent would be hard hit by the pandemic.

Coronavirus Reports, News, Commentaries and Letters by Human Rights Watch
Collection of country-specific and general reports, commentaries, news releases, etc. concerning COVID-19’s implications on Human Rights.

Mapping Risk Factors for the Spread of COVID-19 in Africa – Africa Centre for Strategic Studies
A series of maps graphically representing relative levels of vulnerability across the African continent.

COVID-19 key information for South Sudan – CSRF South Sudan
Library of analysis and tools to help design and deliver more context-aware responses to COVID-19 in South Sudan.


Taliban, Afghan Government Hint at Progress as Cease-Fire Expires – Stefanie Glinski, Foreign Policy

COVID-19 in Afghanistan: Going beyond a ceasefire – Ben Francis, International Alert (The Diplomat)

For the Taliban, the Pandemic Is a Ladder – Ashley Jackson, Foreign Policy

Afghan Peace is Now About the Art of the Possible, Not the Perfect – Ben Acheson, Foreign Policy Journal

Interview with Barnett R. Rubin on the crisis of Afghan war politics, and Covid-19 – TOLOnews

How to keep Coronavirus from hampering the peace process in Afghanistan – Barnett R. Rubin, Responsible Statecraft

The regional dimension of Covid-19’s interaction with war and peace in Afghanistan – Responsible Statecraft

An Ailing America Must Not Abandon Afghanistan – Foreign Policy

Coronavirus Poses Yet Another Challenge to the Afghan Peace Process – Scott Smith, USIP

Only Peace Can Avert a COVID-19 Catastrophe in Afghanistan – M. Ashraf Haidari, Ambassador of Afghanistan to Sri Lanka


NEW: Colombian Peace Efforts on Life Support Amid the COVID-19 Response – Nelson Camilo Sánchez, Just Security

Steve Hege on Venezuela and Colombia During Coronavirus – Steve Hege, USIP

Colombia hopes for ‘humanitarian’ ceasefire during coronavirus as violence resurges – Shauna N Gillooly, The Conversation

El Salvador

In El Salvador, gangs are enforcing the coronavirus lockdown with baseball bats – Kate Linthicum, Molly O’Toole, Alexander Renderos, Los Angeles Times


Ethiopia: Political Momentum for Peace and Human Rights?– The KOFF Peacebuilding Magazine


Assam: KPLT rebels come out to fill potholes on Diphu-Manja road


The resurgence of the Islamic State in Iraq: Political and military responses – Dr Dylan O’Driscoll and Shivan Fazil


Could the coronavirus bring peace among Israelis and Palestinians? – Iona Hirsch, The Jerusalem Post

US: Coronavirus cooperation proof Israeli-Palestinian peace talks possible – Tovah Lazaroff, The Jerusalem Post


Kosovo’s Ousted Government, Secret Deals, and War Crimes Charges – Balkan Transitional Justice


COVID-19: Seven trends that will shape peacebuilding in Lebanon – Ruth Simpson, International Alert


A Libya story: pandemic and human rights in times of conflict – Tarek Megerisi, Open Democracy

VIDEO: ‘Which Death Is Going to Be Worse?’ Coronavirus Invades a Conflict Zone – Haley Willis, Christiaan Triebert, Natalie Reneau and David Botti, The New York Times

Libya and pandemic politics in armed conflicts – Sherine El Taraboulsi-McCarthy, ODI


Pathways for ASEAN Contributions to Sustainable Peace and Security in Rakhine State, Myanmar – Alistair D. B. Cook, S. Nanthini, RSiS

How does a divided nation respond to C-19? — A virus that does not respect borders or ethnicity – Mon News


Benue, Taraba government sign peace agreement over Tiv/Jukun crisis – NAN, The Guardian Nigeria

Nigeria Should Build Peace Like it Fights Coronavirus – Oge Onubogu, USIP


Pakistan’s Looming Coronavirus Crisis – Cyril Almeida, Richard Olson, USIP


Ex-MILF fighters harvest, donate 100 sacks of calamansi for COVID-19 fight in Isulan – Bong S. Sarmiento, Minda News


Puntland and COVID-19: Local Responses and Economic Impact – Nisar Majid, Salman Hassan, Sahra Ahmed Koshin, Ahmed M. Musa, Khalif Abdirahman, LSE Blog

How Will Remittances Affect the Somali COVID-19 Response? – Nisar Majid, Laura Hammond, Khalif Abdirahman, Guhad Adan and Nauja Kleis

South Africa

NEW: What South Africa needs to forge a resilient social compact for Covid-19 – Erin McCandless, Darlene Ajeet Miller, The Conversation

South Sudan

In the news: Tit-for-tat killings leave hundreds dead in South Sudan – Obi Anyadike, The New Humanitarian

Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka’s Other COVID-19 Crisis: Is Parliamentary Democracy at Risk? – Alan Keenan, Crisis Group

Assessing Sri Lanka’s response to COVID-19 – The Alliance of Independent Professionals


Coronavirus reaches Sudan, one of the countries least equipped to cope with it – Mark Weston

Can there be a democratic public health? From HIV Aids to Covid-19


Can COVID-19 open the door to peace-building in Syria?


Covid-19 ceasefire unlikely to hasten peace in Thailand’s south – Craig Keating, The Interpreter


Opinion: The Coronavirus Crisis Presents An Opportunity To End War In Ukraine – William B. Taylor, Steven Piper, John E. Herbst, NPR

In Frontline Ukraine, Global Pandemic Puts People at Unimaginable Risk – Igor Mitchnik, Open Democracy


Steve Hege on Venezuela and Colombia During Coronavirus – Steve Hege, USIP

Venezuela Urgently Needs a Humanitarian Accord that Prioritizes Life and Dignity – Feliciano Reyna Ganteaume


NEW: How coronavirus hit Aden: A Yemeni doctor’s diary – Ammar Derwish, The New Humanitarian

On the frontline of war, Yemeni women are building peace – Equal Times

Yemen’s catalogue of woes – Carnegie Middle East Center

UN chief calls for ceasefire as Yemen braces for possible COVID-19 outbreak – UN News

Yemen coronavirus lockdown to hamper relief effort – The New Humanitarian

A Coronavirus Ceasefire Offers A Way Out for War-Torn Yemen – Crisis Group