PSRP edited volume on ‘political settlements’ published

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In collaboration with ODI, DLP Birmingham and ESID, PSRP has published a special issue on ‘political settlements’ in the Journal of International Development. Alina Rocha Menocal (ODI) and Jan Pospisil (PSRP) acted as issue editors (and authors), PSRP’s Christine Bell and Catherine O’Rourke contributed articles. The main theme of the issue is the relation between the political settlement approach and transformation towards more inclusive institutions, in particular in situations of violent conflict. The contributions made by PSRP researchers can be found (in their open access author’s last versions) in the publication database on this website – this refers particularly to Christine Bell’s and Jan Pospisil’s article on ‘navigating inclusion in the political unsettlement’, and Catherine O’Rourke’s feminist critique on the political settlement concept. The whole issue can be found in our publications database and on the journal’s page: