PSRP Report on Stabilisation in Somalia is launched in Nairobi

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PSRP consortium partner, the Rift Valley Institute, has launched its latest programme report on Stabilisation in Somalia at an event in Nairobi.

Tobias Hagmann’s Stabilization, Extraversions and Political Settlements in Somalia was published in May 2016:

Past and present attempts to stabilize Somalia highlight the entanglements and interplay between local and foreign elites in policies and practices that frequently undermine statebuilding in south-central Somalia. Moving beyond the mainstream analysis of local actors and internal dynamics as a central dynamic behind the continuous political disorder, this study highlight the role of external aid in dysfunctional statebuilding in Somalia, further assuming that foreign actors should be seen as an integral part of these processes.
A accompanying podcast will be published by the Rift Valley Institute shortly – we will keep you updated.


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