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Between the ‘Regional’ and the ‘West’: Enhancing Indian engagement in Myanmar

One year on from the coup in Myanmar, Monalisa Adhikari and K. Yhome examine the limits of India’s current response and how India’s domestically held principles of democracy and inclusive governance could be pragmatically deployed to reach out to a broader constituency in Myanmar.

Blue and yellow Ukrainian flag flying against blue sky with clouds

[LSE Blog] Ukraine-Russia Crisis: Europe Needs to Rethink Its Security Arrangements

PeaceRep researcher Professor Mary Kaldor discusses Russia’s foreign policy decisions over Ukraine and how the West may respond in this LSE blog post.

Peace missions, regional organisations, and Covid-19: How the pandemic has affected peacebuilding efforts by the African Union and Organisation of American States

Peace missions have continued all over the world during the pandemic, with significant impacts on their operations.This piece outlines how the pandemic has affected peace missions run by regional organisations in Latin America and Africa.

Shots for Peace? Vaccination ceasefires and the fight against Covid-19

Vaccination ceasefires can be a valuable tool for getting vaccinations to those in conflict zones. The authors of a new report, Breathing Space: Vaccination Ceasefires in Armed Conflict outline three key issues that need to be considered to improve the impact of vaccination ceasefires to combat Covid-19.

How do peace agreements deal with communication and the media?

PSRP introduces a new report, ‘Peace agreements, the media, and communication’, which sheds light on how conflict parties address the ambivalent roles of the media and communication in peace agreements.

Peace agreements with a gender perspective are still an exception, not the rule

Two decades after the UN called on all peace process actors to adopt a gender perspective, but amidst an unpreceded challenge to women’s rights globally under the Covid-19 pandemic, how did peace agreements provide for women, girls and gender in 2020, and what does this tell us about the trajectory of the women, peace and security agenda?

Implementing Peace Agreements through Domestic Law

Brooke Davies introduces her new report, Implementing Peace Agreements through Domestic Law, which examines how parties to peace agreements can and have used domestic law to implement their terms.

African Peace – Regional Norms from the OAU to the AU

A new book – African Peace: Regional Norms from the Organization of African Unity to the African Union – examines how peace and security norms and practices in Africa were created and evolved.

Pens Against Guns: The uncertain future of Syrian journalism

“Local Voices at a Crossroads” is an article series in which local actors of everyday peace share their insights into the fragilities and resilience of their societies in the face of conflict. For our third contribution on the role of Syrian youth in local peacebuilding, we look at the media as one of the fields most impacted by the ten-year-long conflict.