Opinions | Political Settlements Research Programme - Part 3

Peace on Earth? The Tradition of Christmas Ceasefires Across the World

There is a worldwide tradition of declaring ceasefires during the Holidays, but do these lead to lasting peace? Sanja Badanjak and Laura Wise draw on examples from the PA-X Peace Agreements Database to investigate these annual rituals, from Northern Ireland to the Philippines.

Blue Nile Falls, Ethiopia

 Water Resources and Inter-state Conflict: Legal Principles and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam (GERD)

Anne Funnemark examines the longstanding transboundary watercourse dispute between Egypt and Ethiopia and offers key principles and approaches useful to supporting the resolution of the conflict, as outlined in a new PSRP report.

Moving from Conflict: the Role of International Actors in Transition Management

Dr Jago Salmon examines the role of international actors in transitions from conflict and introduces his new PSRP report, Moving from Conflict: the Role of International Actors in Transition Management.

France Attacks Prove the Power of Violent Extremist Discourse

Amjed Rasheed and Juline Beaujouan analyse the recent attacks in Europe in the light of a three-year-research on region–state–religion triangle in MENA.

Learning from Northern Ireland? Making gains for gender equality at the UN Security Council

As Ireland prepares to begin its tenure of the UN Security Council in January 2021, Dr Catherine O’Rourke and Dr Aisling Swaine examine the lessons of inclusive peacebuilding from Northern Ireland and how these might inform the UN Security Council’s work on women, peace and security.

Knowledge exchange during physical distancing

The Edinburgh Research Office shares new resources and insights into knowledge exchange during physical distancing, featuring a contribution from PSRP.

Introducing the Amnesties, Conflict and Peace Agreement Database

Prof. Louise Mallinder introduces the ground-breaking new amnesties database published by Queen’s University Belfast School of Law and the University of Edinburgh’s Political Settlements Research Programme.

5 quick insights into PA-X data

Dr Sanja Badanjak offers five quick insights from the PA-X peace agreement data drawn from 30 years of peace processes around the world.

Yemen’s Response to COVID-19: Part III

The third part of this series considers the powerful role women have played in Yemeni communities in responding to crises throughout the current conflict.