Opinions | Political Settlements Research Programme - Part 5

Syria: local agreements, regional rivalry and a global pandemic

As the regime moves towards capturing Idlib, rivalry between Russia and Iran to control Syria is growing. Originally published in Open Democracy by Juline Beaujouan and Eyas Ghreiz. 

War by Other Means: One-sided Memorialisation in Sri Lanka

Bill Rolston examines the one-sided narratives that come through in contemporary public displays in Sri Lanka, following the ending of the three-decade long war.

Responding to Covid-19: The coming of age of regionalism in Asia?

Monalisa Adhikari sets out the response by regional organisations in South and Southeast Asia to the Covid-19 crisis and asks what does this mean for Asian regionalism.

COVID-19 and Health Systems: Responding to Unpredictable Predictability

Liz Grant, Yina Lizeth Garcia-Lopez, and Christine Bell set out 11 themes for health systems to consider when responding to the Covid-19 pandemic.

Transitional Governance Today: A Risk and Opportunity for International Law

Dr Emmanuel de Groof outlines five current features of transitional governance, as outlined in a new PA-X report.

COVID-19 and Gender-based Violence in Conflict: New Challenges and Persistent Problems

Dr Catherine O’Rourke distils some of the most pertinent insights from PSRP research into gender-based violence and its relationship to conflict, and offers insights on the likely impacts of the COVID-19 restrictions in conflict-affected settings.

COVID-19, Emergency Legislation, and Sunset Clauses

The UK’s Coronavirus Act 2020 affords the UK government new powers in attempt to mitigate the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic, as with similar legislation enacted by governments around the world. But how important are sunset clauses as part of these measures? And what checks and balances are needed? By Sean Molloy.

South Sudan’s Transition: Citizens’ Perception of Peace

A power-sharing government set up last month in South Sudan is fueling hope for an end to civil war, but layers of conflict remain.

Planet Earth wearing a face mask

COVID-19 and Violent Conflict: Responding to Predictable Unpredictability

Christine Bell offers 11 baseline understandings for designing the most effective responses to the COVID-19 pandemic in conflict-affected regions.